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Michelin Bibendum Tyres

Bibendum tyres

Millimetric Bibendum Tyres

Bibendum was Michelins Name for its New Tyres

Michelin, aware of the concerns over vintage tyres detaching themselves from beaded edge tyre rims, pursued the design of a Bibendum rim with a well for only half its circumference. However as the well-base wheel proved its integrity and its design was refined Michelin's bibendum tyres rim was discontinued.Bibendum tires

Michelin Bibendum Vintage Tyres

Michelin's Bibendum tyre dimensions for these bibendum rims are predominantly given in metric terms rather than the more commonplace imperial measurements used for well-base wheels. It is dangerous to fit metric tyres to imperial rims and imperial tyres on metric rims as the sizes are not interchangeable.

Superconfort Bibendum Tyres

Resulting from research which led to even lower pressures and slower wear, Michelin brought out a very low pressure Bibendum tyre in 1932, the 'Superconfort'. 1935 saw the launch of the 'Superconfort Stop S' the first bibendum tyre with a heavily striped tread pattern, specially designed for wet surfaces. At the time, Michelin was the only manufacturer who knew how to make this type of Bibendum tyre with the famous wavy 'zig-zag' stripes, which greatly improve safety because of the excellent grip they give. As its name suggests, the 'Superconfort Stop S' tyre offers exceptional comfort, in addition to its performance on the road.

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