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Porsche 356

Recommended Porsche 356 tyres

  • The 165HR15 CINTURATO ™ CA67, is the only genuine period tyre that would have been in production when the 356 was being produced and was an option on early 911
  • The 165HR15 Michelin XAS is a 1965 Asymmetric tyre, and was a option on early 911
  • The 165VR15 CINTURATO ™ CA67 is a 1968 V rated tyre that now has the N4 marking as homologated by Porsche
  • Porsche 356 tyre pressures - 23psi front and 26psi rear

Porsche 356 tyres for a standard car as recommended by Longstone Tyres. We recommend the 165HR15 Michelin XAS, 165HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 or the 165HR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 N4. These are the best radial tyre for a Porsche 356, because the carcase structure of these tyres is suited to the handling of a 356. It is also worth mentioning that Porsche themselves homologated the CN36 with the N4 Porsche seal of approval.

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Porsche 356 History

The official date of birth for Porsche is believed to be June 8th 1948. The first car being a 356/2, 1.1 litre car producing a respectable 40bhp and weighing in at around 650kg. The first 50 of the hand built cars that were produced resembled the classic 356 Porsche that would be later produced, and if any of those first 50 356/2 Porsche were to be found they would be almost priceless.

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Porsche 356 Racing cars

In late 1949 the Rutter company in Germany were given an assignment to build the first 500 of what would become the classic 356 Porsche that we all know and love. The car was built with a 1.1 litre engine producing 40bhp and because the 356 had such good aerodynamics it was capable of reaching an impressive 140kph. Mr Ferry Porsche at the time of production thought it impossible that the company would sell any more than 500 of the 356 Porsche. This was to be a welcome misjudgement. On the 15th march 1954 car no 5,000 left the factory.

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Porsche 356 Abarth

It was not until 1953 that the famous Porsche badge was seen. By 1965 the last of the beautiful 356 Porsches left the factory after a successful 17 years in production. In total around 81,000 356 Porsches were built with some 1,194 of those cars in various carrera versions.

Classic Porsche Tyres

In the world of modern tyres it is common place to come across a tyre test. However in the world of classic tyres the investment never seems to be there to do a proper modern tyre test. However a German magazine in July 2016 conducted this modern tyre test on classic Porsche tyres. This classic Porsche tyre test has been translated from German to English. What is remarkable in this tyre test is quite how well the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 classic Porsche tyres performed in the table at the end. The scores in this table are not scored in relationship to the other tyres in the test, so when a score of 1 is recorded, then that is a perfect score for a classic tyre or a modern tyre. It is wonderful to see that these classic Porsche tyres can give such exemplary results.

The simple time honoured shape of a Porsche 911 has been something that has inspired classic car enthusiasts for years. The refined elegant pure shape is unmistakeable. Now Longstone tyres, with the support from the world's best tyre manufacturers are able to supply tyres for classic 911's.

Classic Porsche Tyres
Below you will find a classic Porsche fitment guide and an independent article written about the tyre choices for your classic Porsche.