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Bullnose Morris

Bullnose Morris at Longstone

Bull Nose Morris 1913–1926

Bullnose Morris

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History of the Bullnose Morris

Built from 1913-1926, the 1913 pre-War Oxford was William Morris' first car and was called the Oxford in honour of its home city. Pre-1926 the Morris Oxford had an iconic front end which would lead to the nickname of "Bull-Nosed" for these early models. The Morris Cowley was a cheaper variant of the Morris Oxford, though still featured the same bullnose front end. It was made cheaper by importing parts from the US instead of the UK, as the UK was in the midst of World War One at the time and these components were hard to come by.

Bullnose Morris Tyres Customer

"Some three years ago when I wanted Camilla to drive her 1923 two-seater more regularly I was keen to change the wheels from beaded edge tyres to wheelbase in order to increase the braking performance. I had for a while run with beaded edge on the front and wheelbase on the rear but the car never looked quite right with modern 450x19 tyres on the back. I obtained two Excelsior 400x19 tyres and fitted these to the front, but the car still did not look quite right.

I mentioned the dilemma to Dougal Cawley and suggested to him that I was sure that if the triple stud pattern could be made in 400/450x19 sizes there would be a market for light cars like the early Bullnose. For many of us, the archetypical Bullnose Morris is an early car on Dunlop triple stud tyres. I was surprised and delighted when earlier this year he contacted me to say that Longstone had accepted the challenge and made tyres which are 400/450x19 three stud. I immediately purchased four and fitted them to the two-seater and am delighted with the result. They look correct, the speedo is nearly accurate which it was not with the 400's and the brakes are much better than with the beaded edge tyres. The cost was not excessive in fact quite reasonable."

Monty Goding

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