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1913 Morris Oxford

1913 Morris Oxford

Morris Oxford 1913–1935

Morris Oxford 1948–1971

1964 Morris Oxford

1964 Morris Oxford

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History of the Morris Oxford

Built in some variation or the other from 1913-1971, the Pre-War and Post-War Oxfords share little in common apart from naming. The original 1913 Pre-War Oxford was William Morris' first car and was called the Oxford in honour of its home city. Pre-1924 the Morris Oxford had an iconic front end which would lead to the nickname of "Bull-Nosed" for these early models. The later Post-War Morris Oxfords would be sold mostly as either a 4-door saloon or as a 2-door estate known as the Morris Oxford Traveller, some of which featured distinct exposed wooden panelling on the outside (most notably the Series III "Woody" Traveller).

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