225/50 R16 Tyres

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225/50 R16 Tyres

225/50 R16

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    Classic 225/50 R16 Tyres

5 Items

225/50 R16 FAQ

What are the best 225/50 R16 tyres?

If you have a Classic Porsche, Ferrari 308, 328 or Mondial then probably the Pirelli P7, because the 225/50 R16 Pirelli P7 can be matched up with the 205/55 R16 P7 or 245/45 R16 P7. However if you have a Ferrari TestaRossa or 288 GTO then the 225/50 R16 Michelin Pilote Sport can be matched up with the 255/50 R16 Pilot Sport on the rear. The Pirelli P-Zero system is the period option for the TestRossa.

What are the cheapest 225/50 R16 tyres?

They might not be the cheapest 225/50 R16 tyres However the Pirelli P7 does give an excellent range of other Pirelli P7 to match up with on your Early 911 SC.

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