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Published in the HGPCA 2010 Yearbook.


Italian Legends


In the early Fifties the world of Sports cars was rocked by the introduction of the PIRELLI CINTURATO &trade. The CINTURATO ™ moved boundaries forward as, until then the 'Michelin X' had been the only radial tyre. Michelin developed the 'X' to enhance tyre longevity alongside new radial technology which considerably improved grip. PIRELLI tailored this new technology to suit sports cars by developing the more progressive CINTURATO ™.

PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ HS on a Lamborghini

It is because of this new technology that many of the World's best cars fitted CINTURATO ™ as original equipment; Lancia, MG, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Morgan, Maserati and Lamborghini. Similarly, many cars throughout the 50's and 60's and even early 70's considered fitting the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ as one of the best upgrades one could make to the performance of a car for road use and motorsport. For instance- there is no better tyre for a Jaguar XK or MK2.


Through Longstone Tyres the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ brand is thriving today with a range of sizes in the CA67 tread pattern (155HR15, 165HR400, 185VR15 and 185VR16 with more to come). The newest tyre Longstone has encouraged PIRELLI to reproduce is the 205VR15 (tread­ pattern CN72), which was original equipment on Ferrari 330, 365 and 500 Superfast; Lamborghini 350, 400; Islero; Espada and early Muira as well as Maserati 5000GT, 4200; Quatro Porte; Mistrale; Mexico Ghibli and Sebring. Until now, all these cars have had to fit a more modern low profile tyre.

These PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ and Michelin tyres are available to anyone, anywhere in the world free of shipping charges through Longstone Tyres, who also sell all other leading brands of Classic tyres.

Ruote Borrani Milano

In April 1922 Carlo Borrani established "Rudge Whitworth Milano" manufacturing wire wheels for cars and bikes. Within a short period he was making wheels for Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Auto Union. Borrani continued to develop Aluminium rimmed spoked wheels and is renowned for making the highest quality spoked wire wheels that were factory fitment on the most desirable cars.

The Borrani brand is still very much alive today, producing the original classic wheels as well as new production wire wheels for modern Fiat 500's and new Ferrari and Maserati wheels with Alloy rims and Stainless steel spokes.
Available through Longstone Tyres.


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