135 R15 Tyres

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135R15 Tyres - Citroen Ami on 135 SR 15 Michelin ZX Tyres

Citroen Ami on 135 SR 15 Michelin ZX Tyres

135 R15

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    Classic 135 R15 Tyres

  1. 135 R15 Inner Tubes

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135 R15 or 135/80 R15 Tyres

The tyre size 135 R15 could just as easily be described as 135/80 R15, as the height of the side wall is 80% of 135mm. However when radial tyres were first developed there was not an choice of profile, or aspect ratio so there is no need to mention it, a 135/80 R15 is simply a full profile 135 R15.

The tyre size 135 R15 is ideally suited to the light French car design. The tall overall diameter absorbs the bumps of the road nicely while keeping the steering light and precise. There are other options available in this size, but we would have no doubt in encouraging people to fit the Michelin ZX. Michelin also make a 135 R15 X M+S for off road use.

Q: Did the Citroen 2CV fit 135 R15 Tyres?

A: The first of the 2CV had 125-400 tyres on millimetric wheels. They then moved onto 125 R380 tyres. (380mm being the same as 15” and a 125 R15 tyre). Although people do fit 135 R15 tyres on 2CV, but that is only because there are some cheap tyres available in this size. The 2CV had 125 section tyres as an important part of the design of this car. The Michelin X carcass and tread profile are also an important part of the 2CVs design. 135 R15 should not be fitted to a road going 2CV.

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