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Citroen Dyane 1967–1983

  • The Citroen Dyane fitted 125 SR 15 Michelin X. There is no other tyre to fit to the Dyane.
  • The 125 SR 15 Michelin X is an integral part of the suspension and steering design of the Citroen Dyane and 2CV. The thin sidewall and thin tread pattern with sharp shoulders are important to the way the Citroen Dyane drives.
  • The only other possible tyre you could fit to a Citroen Dyane 4 or Dyane 6 is the 135 SR 15 Michelin ZX.
  • Our period fitment guides suggest that some early Dyane cars fitted tube-type wheels, but from 1972 (or possibly earlier) the Dyane was released on wheels suitable for tubeless tyres.
  • Given how narrow these tyres are, and Citroen's tubeless wheel technology of the era leaving something to be desired, we would likely suggest fitting innertubes to tubeless models also.
  • Our suggested Citroen Dyane innertube for these tyres is the Michelin 15CB.
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History of the Citroën Dyane


The Citroën Dyane was manufactured between 1967 and 1983, with 1,444,583 units built. The Dyane was used to develop the panel van Acadiane. The Dyane was a Citroen 2CV derivative designed to compete with the immensely successful Renault 4, which had been cutting into 2CV sales since its introduction in 1961. The Dyane, not unlike the Renault 4, was intended from the beginning to be a hatchback, with some styling differences such as more conventional round headlamps set into the front fender with a squared stainless steel trim ring (as opposed to the 2CV's old-fashioned separate units) and stainless steel wheel embellishments.

It is often mistakenly thought that the Dyane was intended to replace the 2CV, but it was aimed slightly higher in the Citroën range (somewhere between the 2CV and the Ami) and it attracted a different clientele that sought the versatility offered by the Dyane. In 1969 on UK shores the car cost £648, the equivalent of £9,206.82 today (September 2021).

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