White Wall Michelin Tyres

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Citroen Michelin Whitewall Tyres

Michelin white wall and white band tyres

  • Michelin have added a small range of classic white wall tyres to their “Michelin Collection Range”.
  • A 125SR12 white wall Michelin X fits the NSU Prinz, Autobianchi Bianchina and of course the fabulous Fiat 500 Nuova.
  • For owners of early post war Mercedes, the 6.40 R 13 White Wall Michelin ZX and the 7.25 R 13 white wall Michelin X fits most classic Mercedes up till the mid 1960s.
  • Very much still of an era of Mercedes that like a white band on the tyre the white wall 185 R 14 MXV fits the Mercedes Pagoda era of the late 1960s into the 1970s.
  • Though the Citroen 2CV didn’t come with white wall tyres, it is a touch that some people desire, and now we have the 125 R 15 White Wall Michelin X.
  • As well as being a favourite with the Volvo Amazon and Peugeot 404, the 165 R 15 White Wall Michelin XZX is the perfect option for the VW Beetle.
  • The white wall 180 R 15 Michelin XAS, with the 185 R 15 White wall XVS cover the bases for the fab Citroen DS, but also offer an option for 1960s Jaguar.
  • The 165 R 400 white wall Michelin X is the only millimetric white wall tyre, it covers Traction Avante, DS, but also a wide range of Exotic 250 Ferrari, Alfa Romeo 1900, 2600 and the Lancia Aurelia and Flaminia.
  • The 235/70 R 15 white wall Michelin XVS offers handling improvements for pretty much everything Rolls Royce and Bentley from 1973 well into the 1990s.
  • White wall tyres are never cheap, but these are genuine Michelin tyres with a white wall built in by Michelin in their own factory, the quality could not be better.
  • To our knowledge these Michelin white wall tyres are the only range of classic white wall radial tyres actually manufactures by one of the worlds best tyre manufacturers.

20 Items

20 Items

Michelin Whitewall Tyres FAQ

Q: Do Michelin make white wall tyres?

A: Yes. The majority of tyre manufacturers do not make white wall tyres. Michelin, however, are one of the worlds best tyre manufacturers, and the small range of classic white wall tyres is an excellent addition to the Michelin Collection range.

Q: Can you buy Michelin white wall tyres in America or the UK?

A: Longstone Tyres ship the Michelin white wall and Michelin Collection tyres all over the world. For the most part free of shipping charges.

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