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Lancia Appia

Lancia Appia

Lancia Appia 1953–1963

  • For a Lancia Appia Series 1 and 2 we suggest the 155 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 or the 155 TR 15 Michelin X.
  • Innertubes for the series 1 and 2 Lancia Appia, we suggest Michelin 15E innertubes.
  • The Lancia Appia Series 3 Longstone Tyres would suggest fitting a set of 155 TR 14 Michelin X.
  • For the series 3 with 14” wheels we suggest Michelin 14D innertubes.
  • Lancia's of this era would have left the factory on tube-type wheels. Innertubes are required for these wheels, even if you fit tubeless radial tyres.
  • The suggested tyre pressure for the Lancia Appia series 1 is 19psi front and rear.
  • Lancia Appia series 2 and 3 tyre pressures - we suggest 19psi front and 21psi rear.
  • For the sporting coach built and Appia Spider cars we suggest adding 2 psi for high speed use.

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History of the Lancia Appia

Built between 1953-1963 as a replacement for the Lancia Ardea, it would be the last car in the Lancia range to use their famous sliding pillar front suspension. There was a total of 98,027 produced.

Q: What size tyre did the Lancia Appia Fit?

A: the first 2 series of Lancia Appia fitted 155R15 tyres. Then in spring 1959 Lancia changed to 14” wheels and the series 3 Appia fitted 155R14 tyres.

Q: What is the correct tyre pressure for a Lancia Appia?

A: For the first series Pirelli, in the day suggested a tyre pressure of 19 psi front and rear, then the later series 2 and 3 19psi front and 21psi rear. We would suggest for the Spider and other coach built models and sporting usage you might want to increase the tyre pressures by up to 4 more psi.

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