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Ford Model A

  • The Model A Ford fitted 440x21 tyres from 1928-1929. The 440/450x21 Lucas Tyre in this size is extremely good value. Dougal drives on these tyres and was pleasantly surprised by how good they are!
  • The later Model A Ford from 1929-1931 fitted a 475x19 tyre. Dougal's wife Liz has a 1930 Model A Saloon and she finds the 475/500x19 Michelin DR a very grippy and comfortable tyre to drive on, it also has a very vintage tread pattern.
  • The 475/500x19 Lucas is also very good value.
  • Recommended tyre pressures for a Model A Ford are: 36 psi with 21” wheels and 34 psi with 19” wheels.

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When Dougal buys parts for Model A's he tends to get them from Dave O'Neil is very knowledgeable and the service you get, couldn't be better.

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Ford Model A

Ford Model A looking evocative, photo by Phil Jones

Replacement for the ubiquitous Ford Model T, the vintage Model A Ford went on sale in December. A much more complex car than its predecessor, the Ford Model A was also more powerful with its 3.3 litre four cylinder sidevalve engine producing a whole 40BHP, which was double the power of the Ford Model T. This gave the Model A Ford a top speed of 65mph (sometimes). A three speed sliding gear transmission replaced the Ford Model T's planetary gears, there was also in amongst all the excitement a coil and battery instead of magneto ignition and also which seems almost unbeleivable a brake for all four wire wheels.

The Model T Ford's ungainly styling was abandoned,and the eagerly awaited Model A Ford up to the minute looks,wider choice of colours and needless to say competitive pricing helped ensure its success.

Ford Model A Tyres

The first Model A Ford was assembled on 21st of october 1927 and the car's nationwide introduction followed on 2nd of December in the same year. Nine different body styles were offered for 1928, and as production gathered pace ,this increased to no fewer than 18 for 1929. Model A Ford production for the 1928 calendar year was a staggering 633,594 cars.