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4.75/5.00 - 19

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    475/500 - 19 Vintage Tyres

  1. 475/500 - 19 Inner Tubes

17 Items

Q: What is the cheapest 4.75/5.00-19 tyre for a Model A Ford?

A: The Lucas 4.75/5.00X19 tyre is extremely good value and is also a good tyre. The original tyre size for the 1930 Model A Ford was 4.75X19, However these days tyres in this size tend to be dual marked 4.75/5.00X19.

Q: Wat is the best 475/500 X 19 tyre for a vintage Morris Oxford?

A: the Vintage Bullnose Morris Oxford originally fitted 710X90 Beaded edge tyres, then latter they fitted 475/500X19. The Lucas tyre is absolutely perfect for these vintage cars.

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