GR/70 R15 Tyres

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GR/70 R15

225/70 R15 Tyres
  • A GR/70 R15 is the same as a 225/70 R15 tyre.
  • For a classic car requiring GR/70 R15 tyres we would suggest the 225/70 WR 15 Michelin XWX.
  • When low profile tyres were first developed they used descriptions such as ER/70 VR 15, FR/70 VR 15 and GR/70 VR 15.
  • The letter section at the beginning of the description was descriptive of the width of the tyre.
  • A GR/70 R15 tyre should be 225mm wide (approximately).
  • The 70 means that the side wall height of a GR/70VR15 tyre should be 70% of 225mm tall.
  • The VR15 in GR/70 VR 15, means V speed rating, R for radial and 15” rim.
  • So with different speed ratings it could also be GR/70SR15, GR/70HR15 and GR/70R15 is the same tyre without listing the speed rating.
  • GR/70VR15 tyres were fitted to some amazing 1970s super cars : Ferrari 512BB, Maserati Quattroporte, Aston Martin V8 and the rear of a Lamborghini Muira.

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    Classic GR/70 R15 Tyres

  1. GR/70 R15 Inner Tubes

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