225/70 R15 Tyres

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225/70 R15 Tyres

225/70 R15

11 Items

    Classic 225/70 R15 Tyres

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  2. 225/70 R15 Inner Tubes

11 Items

225/70 R15 FAQ

What is the best 225/70 R15 tyre?

The Michelin XWX is a great 1970s tread pattern that is associated very much with classic Ferrari, And would be a great upgrade for an Aston Martin V8.

What is the cheapest 225/70 R15 tyre?

We believe that any classic car that fits 225/70 R15 tyres, needs to have a high performance tyre and we would very much recommend sticking to a performance tyre such as the 225/70 R15 XWX. Steer clear of fitting 225/70TR15 or 225/70SR15 van tyres.

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