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Aston Martin DB4

Aston Martin DB4

Aston Martin DB4 Tyres

  • The first Aston Martin DB4 came fitted with 6.00V16 Avon Turbo Speed. Though sadly this tyre now only attains a H Speed rating and has been renamed 600 H 16 Avon Turbospeed.
  • Currently, we would recommend 6.00-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA as the best-performing Aston Martin DB4 crossply tyre, and it does have a V speed rating.
  • If you asked Aston Martin to fit radial tyres on your DB4 they would fit 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 from Pirelli's Collezione range. We still think this is the best Aston Martin DB4 tyre for road driving.
  • The other excellent option is the 6.00 R 16 Michelin Pilote X.
  • The last of the Aston Martin DB4 cars fitted 15" wheels with the tyre 6.70 15. This is currently only available as an H-rated tyre. For these later cars with 15" wheels, we suggest the 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 as the best tyre, also being what Aston Martin would have offered as their radial alternative in the day.
  • Many of these cars on 15" wheels want a fatter tyre, the best would be the 205/70 VR 15 Michelin XWX or the 205/70 R 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN12.
  • One of the best enhancements you can make to an Aston Martin DB4 is to fit Borrani wheels as was offered in the period, as it was standard equipment on the DB4 GT Zagato. See below for Aston Martin DB4 Borrani wheel options.
  • We think the best innertubes are made by Michelin. For the 16-inch tyres, the Michelin 16F is the choice, for 15 inch tyres the 15F tubes are the suggestion. All wire wheels should fit innertubes, see our innertube guide for more information.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

  • The Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato fitted the 600 H 16 Avon Turbospeed or 600 H 16 Dunlop RS5, or you could have requested the 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 as a radial option.
  • Currently the Avon Turbo Speed is only H-rated. The Dunlop R5, though road legal, is made with racing compounds.
  • We suggest that the 6.00-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA is the best crossply tyre for the Zagato-bodied DB4 GT. As a radial tyre the 6.00 R 16 Michelin Pilote X is a fantastic tyre, however, so is the Pirelli Cinturato, and because the Cinturato is genuinely period we would suggest the 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 as the best radial road tyre.

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An e-mail from another satisfied customer.

Dear Dougal & Simon,

Well, Dougal you aren't the prettiest sight on Youtube but I did enjoy your clip on the best tyres for a DB 2/4.

I think I have just bought either the sixth or seventh set of Michelin Pilote from you for my DB Astons, and I could not agree with you more. They are 'head and shoulders above all other tyres, and I regret using Avons for twelve years on my DB4GT before I bought a set from you for it about two years ago. They provide much lighter steering, better grip, no squealing, and of course, there isn't a better-looking tyre for the car. Will send you some shots of them fitted to my 2/4 Mark II shortly.

Kind regards,


From left to right we have the Michelin 600WR16 Pilote X the Vredestein 185HR16, 185 SR 16 Michelin X, 185R16 Avon Turbosteel, Avon 600H16 Turbospeed (cross ply), and also the 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 ™.

From the picture you can see that the 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 ™ and 600WR16 Michelin Pilote X are the best choices for an Aston Martin DB4 with 16" wheels as they are the correct size where some of the modern tyres in the size 185VR16 are actually completely different sizes. The 2 original tyres that Aston fitted are on the right. The 185VR16 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ and the 600H16 Avon TurboSpeed cross-ply are important references to show what size DB4 tyres should be.

PIRELLI and Michelin are also 2 of the world's best tyre manufacturers. It is worth noting that in period if you asked Aston Martin to fit radial tyres they fitted the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67.

DB4 15" Tyre Options

Later DB4's fitted 15" wheels with either 670 H 15 Avon Turbospeed cross-ply tyres, or 185VR15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 radial tyres. With today's modern roads having so many dual carriage ways we would recommend radial tyres for a DB4; either The 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 or 185 R 15 Michelin XVS will make the car drive excellently while looking superb.

Some people prefer a fuller wheel arch, If this is the look you want for your DB4 either 205/70VR15 Michelin XWX or 205/70VR15 PIRELLI CN12 CINTURATO ™ will be perfect for these cars on wider wheels.

DB4 Tyre Options

DB4 Aston Martins, are arguably the best sports cars of the day, and until 1962/3 they fitted the same size tyres as all the other top marques such as Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar etc. Because this size is needed for the "best" cars, Michelin set themselves the task of manufacturing the best possible tyre.

Aston Martin DB4

Aston Martin DB4

With these 50s performance cars in mind they produced the Michelin Pilote X 600WR16 which is a tall period-looking tyre, designed to keep steering light with a tread pattern that can move water very efficiently. The Pilote X has rounded side walls with writing on the side designed to look like tyres of the period yet built with the best modern tyre manufacturing technology to keep the road noise down to a minimum with brilliant handling characteristics.

The Dutch company Vredestein make radial tyres in the size 185HR16. Vredestein tyres are proving very popular with the XK Jags as a cheap tyre but this tyre only has an H-speed rating (130mph).

Importantly with classic cars a tyre should be designed to give you, as the driver, the feedback you need to make the experience of driving your car pleasurable, instead of the numb experience you could get if your car is fitted with a modern tyre carcass designed for power steering and modern suspension.

Michelin also still manufactures the original radial tyre - the Michelin X. This tyre is closest to the original crossply in shape and will keep your steering as light as is possible when fitting a radial. The Michelin X is its own worst enemy in that they last forever and people may well have driven on a tyre that is 50 years old! The Michelin X is available at the same price as the Vredestein and for a more steady driver (speed rating 112mph) is a very nice option, keeping the handling the way it should be while at the same time being gentle to your wallet.

Avon makes the TurboSteel- another good sporty option. If you want to slightly lower your car and have a big footprint the Turbosteel is for you. Considering Aston's long-standing relationship with Avon the TurboSteel was tempting until Michelin produced the Pilote X and the re-emergence of the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ gave us better options.

Cross-ply tyres are still just right for some, where originality is important. Fitting cross-plys will keep your steering good and light and they also give a very comfortable smooth ride. Directional stability is the issue for cross-ply tyres and at cruising speeds, they tend to wander. This is unavoidable by the nature of cross-ply construction, no matter what wild claims some manufacturers may make. If its cross-ply you want there is no doubt it needs to be the Avon TurboSpeed 600H16 as it is the tyre your cars left the factory on.

You wouldn't give Marilyn Monroe, Marge Simpson's hairstyle. So the exciting news for cars such as these is the re-emergence of the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™. This is the only genuinely period tyre available in this size with a suitable speed rating (V 150mph) this was a hugely famous tyre in Europe as it had the advantage of being a radial tyre but it was also progressive, making it perfect for road and track, just like an Aston.

These PIRELLI CINTURATO™'s have just become available again exclusively through Longstone Tyres (00 44 1302 711 123). There is a special offer on the CINTURATO™'s, the Boys at Longstone Tyres will ship them free of charge, and if you mention you are a club member you will get a club discount!

Aston Martin DB4 Vantage

  • The Aston Martin DB4 Vantage fitted the same tyres as the standard Aston Martin DB4.
  • Longstone Classic Tyres recommends the 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ and Michelin Pilote X as the best road tyres for these cars.

Aston Martin DB4 Volante Tyres

If you have the 1962 Aston Martin DB4 Volante, they fitted a 15-inch wheel. The correct fitment for the Aston Martin DB4C is a 670x15 there is also a radial alternative size; 185 - 15, of which the Michelin XVS and PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ are the best options.

A 205/70 - 15 tyre is also a possible option for owners of the Aston Martin DB4C who require a wider tyre. Of the tyres available the Michelin XWX 205/70VR15 would be one of the best available options for the DB4C, Aston Martin because of its period design and handling with Michelins excellent build quality.

History of the Aston Martin DB4

The DB name came from David Brown, the owner of the Aston Martin Company. The DB4 series was built from 1958 through to 1963; with a total of 1040 vehicles. The coachwork was designed by Touring of Milan, Italy. The body panels were hand-made out of aluminium mounted on a steel tube frame and featured the Superleggera (meaning super light) method of construction.

Initially, the DB4 series used disc brakes made by Dunlop, but later switched to Girling. Each of the five series featured improvements, design modifications and technological enhancements. All the DB4s received their power from a Tadek Mereck designed, 3670cc, six-cylinder, all aluminium engine. The 220-240 horsepower engine was able to propel the car to a top speed of around 140 mph, and from 0 to 60mph in just 8.5 seconds. David Brown designed and produced the overdrive transmission. The standard DB4 body style was the Saloon version, while the Vantage series featured higher horsepower ratings.

In 1959, Aston Martin introduced the DB4 GT series. This series featured a shorter wheelbase and higher output than the standard DB4 Saloon. Due to the shorter wheelbase, there were no rear seats. The engine had three twin-choke Weber Carburettors and twin distributors increasing the output of the standard engine to 302 bhp. This extra horsepower increased the top speed to around 153 mph and the 0-60 time to around six seconds. Other distinguishable features of the GT series were the exposed, racing-style fuel caps located on the rear wings. Perspex headlamp covers adorned the front of the vehicles. The GT Series was produced from 1959 through 1963. During this time period, 75 models were produced. The Italian coachbuilder Zagato produced the bodies of 19 of these vehicles.

In 1960 the Zagato bodied cars were introduced at the London Motor Show. These hand-built vehicles were built to outperform Ferraris. The short wheelbase, lightweight construction, 314 horsepower engine, and a top speed of 160 mph made them very competitive. The DB4 Drophead Coupe was produced from 1961 through 1963. 70 examples were created during this period. They were convertibles built on the DB4 Saloon body style using the same aluminium, Superleggera body construction. The standard six-cylinder 3670 cc engine was now producing 260 horsepower. Thirty-two of the convertibles received the Vantage specifications which increased the output of the engine. The overdrive transmission was also available as an option.

The DB4 Drophead Coupe was famously used in the movie 'The Italian Job'. During the 1980s, an Aston Martin specialist named Richard Williams produced the remaining DB4s using the assistance of the Aston Martin factory and unused chassis.

Aston Martin DB4 Borrani Wheels

Borrani wheels are available for your Aston Martin DB4, as agents for the iconic Ruote Borrani Milano company we are able to supply all wheels from their extensive range.

If your Aston Martin DB4 Borrani wheels require rebuilding then please contact us at [email protected].

Aston Martin DB4 wheels made by Ruote Borrani Milano are, without doubt, the best wire wheels available. Borrani wheels utilise aluminium rims, steel spokes and steel wheel centres.

Click the link for Aston Martin DB4 Borrani wheels.

Aston Martin wheels made by Borrani are available in the following styles:

  • Painted silver finish, as per the racing wheels of the period
  • Polished and chrome finish, highly polished rim, chrome spokes & wheel centre
  • Painted finish with polished outer edge

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