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Pre War Vintage Morris Minor 1928–1934

  • For the little Cammy Morris Minors of the late 1920s we suggest fitting the 3.50 x 19 Longstone.
  • The side valve Morris Minor 8HP of the 1930s will also handle beautifully with 350-19 Longstone.
  • We suggest fitting the Michelin 19MF innertube to these tyres.
  • Vintage Morris Minor tyre pressure – we suggest starting at 30psi as a safe tyre pressure for Morris Minors on tarmac roads.
  • For tyre pressure recommendations for newer Morris Minor models, see our Morris Minor Tyre Pressure page.

Morris Minor 1948–1971

Morris 1000 - Traveller Tyres

Morris Minor Tyres Video

  • The Original tyre for a Morris Minor 1000 or Traveller was 5.20-14 Dunlop D75 which is no longer manufactured. There isn’t another crossply tyre that we would recommend.
  • The radial alternative to 520-14 is 145R14. Our recommendation for a Morris 1000 is 145 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • A larger & taller radial for a Morris Traveller or Van is 155 TR 14 Michelin X.
  • For 155-14 tyres the Michelin 14D innertube is the best fit.
  • We recommend the 145 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO because it is better suited to a Morris Minor. There is really no need to overload the car with oversized tyres.
  • We also supply a special offer Morris Minor Wheels and tyres set.
  • Our Morris Minor wheels and tyres come fitted and balanced by Longstone Classic Tyres.
  • The correct tube for these tyres is the Michelin 14CG innertube.
  • The standard Moggy Minor and coupe and saloon variants fitted thin standard car wheels that do not have a built-in safety bead, so they would need to be fitted with innertubes.
  • The Morris Minor van and pick-up came fitted with 4/5”X14” wheels that are wider and could be run tubeless. Our wheels & Tyres Set are reproduction Morris Minor van wheels and can be run without tubes.
  • Recommended tyre pressure for a Morris Minor 1000 - 20psi front and rear.
  • Recommended tyre pressure for a Morris Minor Traveller - 24psi front, 26psi rear (+4psi when fully loaded).

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History of the Morris Minor

Morris Minor Tyres
Morris Minor Period Tyres

On September 20, 1948, the Morris Minor made its debut at the Earls Court Motor Show in London. More than 1.3 million were produced between 1948 and 1972 under the direction of Alec Issigonis in three series: the MM (1948 to 1953), the Series II (1952 to 1956), and lastly the 1000 series (1956 to 1971).

Initially offered as a two-door saloon and tourer (convertible), the range was enlarged in 1950 to include a four-door saloon, a wood-framed estate (the Traveller) in October 1953, and panel van and pick-up truck variations in May 1953. It was the first British automobile to sell over a million copies and is regarded as a classic example of automotive design as well as a symbol of 'Englishness.'

Moggy Minor Tyres

Morris Minor Tyres

The Moggy Minor 1000 and Traveller came fitted with crossply tyres 520X14 Dunlop D75 which sadly is no longer currently being produced and there is no alternative period tyre, though there are some budget tyres available in this size. The advantage of the Dunlop over budget crossply tyres is that it would give better directional stability. Even the best quality crossply tyres tend to wander compared to the radial tyres. Modern travel these days involves maintaining higher cruising speeds due to the dual carriageways and motorways we find ourselves on. As a result in the majority of cases, classic cars such as the Moggy Minor, people choose to fit a radial tyre to make their cars more suited to the environment they are driving in today. Of course, the Moggy 1000 is such a usable car, they do put some miles in; so the extra longevity offered by a radial tyre is also appreciated.

When choosing a tyre for a Minor or a Traveller at last having something such as the 145 R 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™; CA67 is really good news because, at last, there is a tyre that looks right. What could be better looking on these practical little cars than a PIRELLI CINTURATO ™; however it isn't all about the look. We can, in this circumstance have something that looks right on a Moggy minor while being the right size, shape & have a carcass that is suited to the thin rims of a Morris Minor 1000 or Traveller. These cars did originally have relatively thin rims which this 145 R 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™; CA67 is suited (of course these tyres will also work perfectly on the wide Morris Minor van wheels as well).

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Morris Minor Wheels and Tyres

We are offering a special off on sets of original Morris Minor wheels with the Pirelli Cinturato CA67 genuine period 145HR14. They come fitted to the wheel with a Michelin innertube, and the wheels and tyres have been fitted and balanced at Longstone tyres where we fit classic tyres to classic car wheels every day. We offer:

Morris Minor on 145 R14 PIRELLI CINTURATO Tyres

Morris Minor Wheels

The standard wheels fitted to the Morris Minor cars were a 3.0D-14” wheel (often described as a 3jX14” wheel) this is what was originally fitted to the car. This 3D rim section is fine for fitting the original 5.20-14 crossply tyre, or the 145HR14 Pirelli Cinturato. There is also the option to fit the wider Morris Van wheels. These slightly wider reproduction wheels offer the option of fitting the tyres tubeless. Worth noting that though these wider wheels do give the option to fit a 155R14 tyre, all models; Morris 1000, Morris Traveller, Van and Pick up will drive nicer fitted with a proper period 145R14 tyres.

Morris Minor Tyres

For some time now there hasn’t been a perfect tyre for the lovely Morris Minor. We are now fortunate enough to have two excellent options, Pirelli’s 145 HR 14 CINTURATO CA67 which is light and nimble for the Moggy Minor owner who wants to keep his car handling like it would have done in the period and the 155 TR 14 Michelin X for the owner that wants slightly longer legs. Both are period tyres from two of the world’s best tyre manufacturers.

What is the original tyre for a Morris Minor?

5.20-14 Dunlop D75. However, there is not a crossply that we would happily recommend today. The 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato as the only correct period tyre. 155R14 tyres are oversized.

What are the best tyres for a Morris Minor Traveller?

The 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato is the best tyre for a Morris Minor Traveller as it is the correct radial equivalent to a 5.20-14 crossply. The 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato is a tall tyre in the section 145 and is also suited to fit a thin rim.

What are the best Morris Minor 1000 tyres?

Pirelli make the 145HR14 Cinturato which is the best tyre for any Mogey Minor, including the 1000, because they are tall and thin, keep the handling the way it should be without loading up the steering.

What are the best tyres for a Morris Minor Van?

The Pirelli 145HR14 is the best tyre for a Morris Minor Van, because it is the right size. Some people like to use van wheels so they can fit a 155R14 because it is a cheap tyre. However, that is the wrong size the 145 is more correct, and will handle and suit all models of Morris Minor including the van better.

145R14 & 155R14 Morris Minor Tyres

145R14 and 155R14 Morris Minor Tyres

What is the cheapest tyre for a Morris Minor?

Many people fit a 155R14 Nankang because it is cheapest. however, it is a wrong size budget tyre. Many people fit the wider wheel rims so they can fit a 155R14 tyre because they are cheap. However, it is misguided, and will not handle as well as a 145R14, of which the Pirelli is a genuine period tyre and taller than other 145R14 tyres.

145R14 Morris Minor Tyres

145R14 Morris Minor Tyres

Can I fit 155R14 tyres on a Morris Minor?

A 155R14 is too wide for Morris Minor wheels. If you fit Mogey Minor Van wheels they are wider and can take a 155R14 tyre. We would only consider the Michelin 155R14 X. However the rest of the car is designed to fit a skinny 5.20-14 crossply. So the better tyre would be a 145R14 Pirelli regardless of what wheels you have. It suits the car better. It is tall and thin and developed to be suited to thin rims.

155 R 14 Nankang Tyres

Original Equipment

What is the original tyre for a Morris Minor?

5.20-14 Dunlop D75. However there is not a crossply tyre we would happily recommend today, and suggest fitting the 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato as the only correct period tyre.

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