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Ferrari 308 Tyres

Original Ferrari 308 Tyres

Original Ferrari 308 Tyres

Ferrari 308 Tyres Video

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    Ferrari 308 Recommended Tyres

10 Items

Ferrari 308 GTS Tyres

Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS Tyres

The 308 GTB and GTS Ferrari came equipped with 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX tyres originally, later in its life the 308 injection and QV models fitted the Michelin TRX 220/55VR390 tyre was fitted. Both these classic Ferrari tyres are now available once again through Longstone Classic Tyres. As is the Pirelli P7 tyres for the 16” wheel options.

It is little known that the 308 GTB was also a successful rally car! In the early eighties Michelotto modified a small number of cars to compete in national rallies. The cars had considerable success in Italy (!) and also won the Tour de France Auto twice in succession, amongst many other victories. The tyre fitted to these cars was the Michelin TB15 & Michelin TB5 tyre which are now available in a road legal format!

Ferrari 308 GTB GTS Tyres
Ferrari 308 GTB GTS
Ferrari 308 GTB GTS Tires

Ferrari 308 option extras 1979

Ferrari Pininfarina

In 1975 Ferrari unveiled the Pininfarina Ferrari 308 GTB. The cars styling, handling and performance were remarkable for the time.

For the first 18 months of the 308 GTB Ferraris life the cars body was built from fibreglass, which was almost 125kg lighter than the all-metal bodies that were to follow. The 308 GTB Ferrari was capable of producing 255bhp from its 3-litre V8 engine. These early cars ran on 14” wheels, with the 205/70VR14 Michelin XWX. By 1980 the 308 GTB was fitted with a Bosch k-jetronic fuel injection system to reduce fuel emissions (for the American market). This unfortunately rained in some of the horsepower and reduced the performance to around 215 bhp making the 308 Ferrari GTBi and the 308 GTSi the slowest of the 308 stable. One of  the enhancements of the injection models was that they moved onto the new extra low profile Michelin TRX tyre technology with 390mm wheels and 220/55R390 TRX  tyres

Ferrari Quattrovalvole

In 1981, Ferrari introduced 4 valve heads for its V8 engine. This car was to be known as the 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole. The car was now producing around 240 bhp, coinciding with all the extra weight that was a consequence of using all metal bodies for the car, the Ferrari 308 GTB qv & 308 GTS qv’s performance and handling were back to the same as when production began!

Ferrari 328

Ferrari 308 GTB GTS Tyre

1984 Ferrari 308 GTB QV Fitment

308 Tyres

The 308 was Ferrari's first 2 seat V8 road car and the successor to the impressive Dino 246 GT. The 308 was designed to encapsulate everything about a sports car in the 70s and 80s and remains one of the company's best designs, bringing Ferrari from pinnacle of elite car culture into the minds of the general public and 25 years on the 308 is the car people think of when the name Ferrari.

By 1985, Ferrari introduced the 328 GTS/GTB, with a larger engine which produced 270bhp thanks to a 3185cc engine. Interestingly, with the 328 Ferrari moved back to 16” wheels. They maintained the same size tyre section on the rear of these cars with 225/50R16 Cinturato P7 tyres, but on the front they went slightly smaller with 205/55R16 Pirelli Cinturato P7.

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