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Ferrari 250 GTO

On leaving the factory all of the 250 GTO cars fitted Dunlop Racing tyres 600L15 CR65 & 700L15 CR65. Because these 15" Dunlop Racing tyres are not road legal there is a demand to fit radial tyres. Currently the best set up would be 185 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67 front and 205 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN72 on the rear.


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The Ferrari 250 GTO was a supercar and a racing car made in the 1960s by Ferrari. The Ferrari 250 GTO has been voted one of the greatest cars ever to have been built by numerous magazines and companies. The Ferrari 250 GTO is probably top of most petrol-head's wish list.

Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO Series II

The numerical part of the name denotes the displacement in cubic centimetres of each cylinder of the engine, whilst GTO stands for 'Grand Turismo Omlogata'. The Ferrari 250 GTO was specifically designed for racing and competing in the GT racing cup. It was an orthodox, some say conservative, evolution of the 250 GT SWB.

Ferraris chief engineer Giotto Bizzarini took the chassis from the 250 GT SWB and implanted the 3.0L V12 engine from the 250 Testa Rossa. After a dispute with most of Ferraris other engineers (including Bizzarini) Enzo Ferrari transferred the development of the 250 GTO went to new designer Sergio Scaglietti and engineer Mauro Forghieri. The body that is widely admired was perfected in a wind tunnel and on the race track unlike most Ferraris that would have been designed by a single individual.

The 250 GTO was the epitome of early sixties technology, a hand welded tube frame, A-arm front suspension and a live back axle, disc brakes and the legendary Borrani wire wheels. The Ferrari 250 GTO also featured a revolutionary (for the time) five speed gear box, the metal gate that defined the shift pattern would in turn become a tradition that is carried on in current Ferraris. The Ferrari 250 GTO interior was extremely simple, at one stage Ferrari even considered not putting a speedometer in as it was considered an unnecessary instrument!

Ferrari 250 GTO Tyres

Ferrari 250GTO

The low production of the Ferrari 250 GTO meant that Ferrari could be selective about potential owners. Unless you were in the good graces of Ferrari himself or his North American ambassador Luigi Chinetti, your $18.000 (in 1960) would buy you the best racing car available at the time.

The Chris Evans Ferrari 250 GTO

When the opportunity arose to buy a Ferrari 250 GTO Chris Evans did not hesitate! Although it meant the sale of a few cars from his collection, including the 250 GT SWB California, it is the sort of chance that you don't ignore.
Luckily for us at Longstone Classic Tyres this meant the chance to fit one of the most valuable and desirable cars in the world with our PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ tyres. We supplied the 185VR15 CA67 for the front of the car and the 205VR15 CN72 for the rear.

250 GTO Ferrari Wheels

If you require new Borrani wire wheels for your Ferrari then please click here for information on Borrani wire wheels.