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History of the The Alpine Renault V6

The Alpine Renault V6 was Alpine's first vehicle under Renault ownership (though Alpine had been affiliated with Renault for many years, with its earlier models using many Renault parts). Longer, wider, and higher than its predecessor, the Alpine A310, the V6 successfully modernised its appearance with characteristics such as body-integrated bumpers and a triangular C-pillar with a larger back windscreen.

Passenger space expanded, making the back seat more practical, and onboard equipment was much more extensive, including high-tech features like power locks. It was one of the most aerodynamic vehicles of its day, with the regularly aspirated variant setting a class record with a drag coefficient of just 0.28. The V6 featured the V6 PRV engine in a rear-engined configuration, with considerable use of Polyester resins and fibreglass for body panels, making it lighter and faster than competitors such as the Porsche 944.

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