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TB15 Tyres

Porsche 911 Tyres
  • The intermediate Tarmac Rally tyre TB15 is perfect for classic rally cars of the 1960s’- 1980s’.
  • The Michelin TB15 is e marked and road legal tyre not recommended for extended race times, but perfect for tarmac stage rally’s.
  • The TB15 Tyres from Michelin come in a range of unusual sizes from very wide 13” and 15” wheels, Such as Porsche 911 and Lancia Stratos.
  • The TB15 is the intermediate tyre in Michelins TB range which also includes PB20, full wets and TB5 F & TB5 R as a semi slick.
  • Follow this link to see Michelin TB15 tyre pressure information.

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  1. 16/53-13 (175-60x13) Michelin TB15
    16/53 - 13 (175/60 VR 13) Michelin TB15+

    Starting at £316.80 £264.00

  2. 20/53-13 (225/45VR13) Michelin TB15
    20/53 - 13 (225/45 R 13) Michelin TB15+

    Starting at £367.20 £306.00

  3. 15/60-15 (170/65VR15) Michelin TB15
    15/60 - 15 (170/65 R 15) Michelin TB15
  4. 175HR14 Vredestein
    18/60 - 15 (215/55 R 15) Michelin TB15+

    Starting at £426.00 £355.00

  5. 23/62-15 (270/45VR15) Michelin TB15
    23/62 - 15 (270/45 VR 15) Michelin TB15+

    Starting at £500.40 £417.00

  6. 26/61-15 (295/40VR15) Michelin TB15
    26/61 - 15 (295/40 VR 15) Michelin TB15+

    Starting at £502.80 £419.00

  7. 29/61-15 (335/35VR15) Michelin TB15
    29/61 - 15 (335/35 VR 15) Michelin TB15+

    Starting at £564.00 £470.00

7 Items

per page

Michelin TB15 Tyre Pressure Information

Michelin TB15 tyre pressure information


Michelin TB5R Tyres Michelin TB15 Tyres


Michelin TB15 Tyres

* For competition use it is possible to use a rim that is one inch wider than the standard ETRTO recommendations listed

Pneu TB a race tyre for the road

The Seventies, ever onward ... As motor sport technology evolved so a special tyre was required. For the amateur racer the TB15 in its intermediate compound form, know as the TB15, provided the best compromise between a race tyre and a multi-purpose product. It returns with an additional card up its sleeve: today, the TB15 range is road legal.

TB5F and TB5R the king of the dry road

We have now added TB5 F and TB5 R. This uncompromising tyre has a semi slick tread pattern for the ultimate in dry performance. The TB 5 F has a soft compound and the TB5 R a medium compound. These tyres are fully road legal.

Michelin TB15 FAQ

Q: Are Michelins classic rally tyres, the TB15 legal on European roads?

A: Yes the TB15 range of historic tarmac rally tyres are e-marked and road legal.

Q: Are the Michelin TB15 classic racing tyres?

A: Not exactly. The TB15 range of tyres are tarmac rally tyres, so even though they have a fantastic intermediate compound vintage rally tyres the TB15 is not built for extended track time of vintage racing.

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