Michelin TB5

Michelin TB5 tyres

  • The Michelin TB5 is a road legal semi version of Michelins TB range which includes the intermediate TB15 and the wet PB20.
  • The Michelin TB5 comes in 2 compounds designed for rear wheel drive classic Tarmac Rally cars. TB5 F for the front and TB5 R for the rear
  • All of Michelin’s TB range are e marked and road legal. This includes the semi slick TB5 range (TB5F & TB5R)
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    * For competition use it is possible to use a rim that is one inch wider than the standard ETRTO recommendations listed

    Pneu TB5 a race tyre for the road

    The Seventies, ever onward ... As motor sport technology evolved so a special tyre was required. For the amateur racer the TB5 in its intermediate compound form, know as the TB15, provided the best compromise between a race tyre and a multi-purpose product. It returns with an additional card up its sleeve: today, the TB5 range is road legal.

    Michelin TB5 F

    To compliment Michelin's excellent TB15 range of tyres Michelin have added the TB5F & TB5R. Michelins TB5 F and TB5 R tyres are semi slick tyres. The Michelin TB5F tyre is an intermediate compound designed to be fitted to the front of powerful rear wheel drive cars.

    Michelin TB5 R

    The Michelin TB5 R is part of the TB5 range, but the TB5R is designed to be fitted to the rear of powerful rear wheel drive tyres. The TB5R is a semi slick tyre. The TB5 R is the ideal tyre to xcompliment the TB5 F.

    Michelin TB15 Tyres

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