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Michelin TB5 Tyres Explained

Michelin TB5 Tyres

  • The Michelin TB5 is a road legal semi version of Michelin TB range which includes the intermediate TB15 and the wet PB20.
  • The Michelin TB5 comes in 2 compounds designed for rear-wheel drive classic Tarmac Rally cars. TB5 F for the front and TB5 R for the rear
  • All of Michelin’s TB range are e-marked and road legal. This includes the semi-slick TB5 range (TB5F & TB5R).
  • Follow the link to see Michelin TB5 Tyre Pressures.

8 Items

8 Items

TB5 Tyre Pressures

Finding the correct tyre pressure for Michelin TB5 tyres can be complicated, so we asked our contact at the Michelin Classic Tyre department, who provided us with the following insights:


Your advice with 28 PSI front and 32 PSI rear make sense.

About temperature of the tyres when hot : it's the most difficult question because it depend so much of :

  • driving style
  • outside temperature
  • kind of track
  • roughness of the tarmac
  • toe in / camber value
  • etc...

    That's why we delegate a technician for every major races for Porsche's meetings.

    Lets' say that a value between 80°c & 100°c when hot is good. This value can go much higher on rally use. Maximum 20°c of difference of temperature from the outside to the inside check on the tread pattern: this value can be modified by the camber set-up.




    * For competition use it is possible to use a rim that is one inch wider than the standard ETRTO recommendations listed

    Pneu TB5 - a race tyre for the road

    The Seventies, ever onward ... As motorsport technology evolved a special tyre was required. For the amateur racer the TB5 in its intermediate compound form, known as the TB15, provided the best compromise between a race tyre and a multi-purpose product. It returns with an additional card up its sleeve: today, the TB5 range is road-legal.

    Michelin TB5 F

    To compliment Michelin's excellent TB15 range of tyres Michelin have added the TB5F & TB5R. Michelins TB5 F and TB5 R tyres are semi slick tyres. The Michelin TB5F tyre is an intermediate compound designed to be fitted to the front of powerful rear-wheel drive cars.

    Michelin TB5 R

    The Michelin TB5 R is part of the TB5 range, designed to be fitted to the rear of powerful rear-wheel drive tyres. The TB5R is a semi-slick tyre. The TB5 R is the ideal tyre to compliment the TB5 F.

    Michelin TB15 Tyres

    Q: Are Michelin TB5 tyres road legal?

    A: Yes. Both the Michelin TB5 F and the TB5 R are e-marked and road-legal within the EU.

    Q: What is the difference between the TB5F and the TB5R?

    A: Compound. The TB5 range of tyres is marked up with the rear-wheel drive historic tarmac rally cars they are built to fit. A TB5F has a softer compound designed to help these classic rally cars turn in, and the TB5R is a more robust and durable compound.

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