ER/70 R15 Tyres

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ER/70 R15

ER/70 R15 Tyres
  • Inner tube for ER/70 R15: Michelin 15F Offset Valve Tube.
  • Rim tape (for Wire Wheel) for ER/70 R15: Rim Tape 14" - 17".
  • ER/70 R15 tyres were original equipment on many classic from 1968.
  • The series 3 E type Jaguar with power steering fitted Dunlop ER/70 R15 Dunlop SP Sport, as did the first XJ6.
  • 205/70 R15 is the modern description for ER/70 R15.
  • Using the letter description such as ER/70 R15 was the early description for low profile radial tyres.
  • In the late 1970s when the description ER/70 R15 was obsolete Jaguar moved is XJ Saloons and XJS onto 205/70 WR 15 Pirelli P5.
  • ER/70 R15 can also be described as: ER/70 R 15 or ER/70 x 15.

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    Classic ER/70 R15 Tyres

  1. ER/70 R15 Inner Tubes

13 Items

ER/70 R15

What are the best ER/70 R15 tyres?

The Dunlop ER/70 R15 SP Sport Aquajet is the only tyre called ER/70 R15. However we would suggest that the Pirelli 205/70 R15 is a better tyre for classic Jaguar such as the XJ6 and XJS. However we would recommend the 205/70 R15 Michelin XWX or 205/70 R15 Pirelli CN12 for earlier none Jaguar classic cars.

What are the cheapest ER/70 R15 tyres?

There are cheaper 205/70 R15 tyres, which is exactly the same as an ER/70 R15 tyre. However we would suggest if it is for a XJ6 or XJS then the 205/70 R15 Pirelli P5 is great value for an original equipment Jaguar tyre.

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