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Ford Capri S1 Period Advert

Ford Capri S1 Period Advert

Ford Capri 1968–1986

  • Longstone Tyres can happily provide excellent tyres for the whole Capri range including the Ford Consul Capri, Ford Capri MK I, Ford Capri MK II and Ford Capri 3000.
  • Probably the most obvious tyre for the Capri would be PIRELLI's CINTURATO ™; CN36 as many of the top end Capri of the day fitted CN36 as original equipment.
  • The Pirelli Cinturato CN36 tyres were fitted to many top Ford models, Escort RS and Mexico and the top models of Capri such as the 3.0 Ghia, GLX and RS3100.
  • Follow this link to see an independent back to back tyre test of relevant classic car tyres.
  • The standard Ford Capri fitted 165-13 Tyres.
  • 165R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36 is our suggestion for a Ford Capri MK I & II, and the best fitting innertube would be the Michelin 13D innertube, if needed.
  • Longstone recommends the 185/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™; CN36 as a low profile option for a Ford Capri.
  • We suggest a set of 185/70 VR 13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CN36 as the best and original tyres for many models of Ford Capri.
  • The Ford Capri fitted tubeless wheels as standard. However if needed Michelin 13E innertubes ideal for 185/70R13 tyres.
  • For an in-depth look at Capri tyre pressures, see our Ford Capri Tire Pressures. page.
205/50 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 Ford 280 Brooklands Capri Tyres

Ford 280 Brooklands Capri on 205/50 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO P7 Tyres

2.8 injection, 280 Brooklands and 2.8 Turbo Capri Tyres

  • The 2.8i injection version of the 2.8 V6 Capri fitted 205/60R13, we can offer a 205/60 R 13 Vredestein in this size.
  • The late 280 Brooklands Capri came fitted with 15” wheels and 195/50R15 Pirelli P7 as original equipment.
  • The 195/50R15 P7 is not currently available, so we suggest 205/50 VR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO P7, as we have many happy customers with this tyre.
  • July 1981 to September 1982 saw a brief production of the 2.8 Turbo Capri with 4 spoke RS wheels 7.5X13 with 235/60R13 Pirelli P7 which are no longer produced.
Ford Capri MK3 Advert

Ford Capri MK2 Advert

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Independent Tyre Test - The Results

In the world of modern tyres it is commonplace to come across a tyre test. Unfortunately, in the world of classic tyres, the investment never seems to be there to do a proper modern tyre test. However, a German magazine in July 2016 conducted this modern tyre test using classic tyres. This classic tyre test has been translated from German to English. What is remarkable in this tyre test is quite how well the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™; CN36 classic tyre performed in the table at the end. The scores in this table are not scored in relation to the other tyres in the test, so when a score of 1 is recorded, then that is a perfect score for a classic tyre or a modern tyre. It is wonderful to see that these classic PIRELLI CINTURATO ™; CN36 tyres can give such exemplary results.

Ford MK2 Capri Tyres

History of the Ford Capri

The Ford Capri was introduced in Europe in 1969, as Ford's attempt to replicate in Europe the success it had with the Ford Mustang with a similar sort of car. It was even originally meant to be called the Ford Colt, but Ford was unable to carry this out due to Mitsubishi having the trademark on the name Colt.

With 400,000 Capris sold by 1970, Ford decided to update the MK I with a facelift in 1972. However in 1973, the oil crisis hit, so after selling 1.2 million cars Ford decided to upgrade the car again to reflect the changing market and thus was born the MK II. The MK II featured a shorter bonnet but a larger overall body and cabin, plus a hatchback rear door.

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1972 Michelin Ford Fitment Guide

1972 Michelin Ford Fitment Guide

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