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Alfa Spider Tyres

Here is a discussion I have recently had regarding tyres and inner tubes for an Alfa Spider that might be of interest to Alfa fans.

Hello Dougal,

Just thought I'd let you know that the Pirellis you sold me for my latest Alfa 2000 won the "Pirelli Perfect Fit" award at the recent Concorso Italiano car show in Monterey.

Reason I'm writing...

I'm working on a customer car, and he needs tires. It's a 79 Alfa spider, with 6" Ronal aluminum wheels. The Pirelli CN36, 185 70 14 is the obvious choice. I notice your website lists tubes as an add-on for these tires, but I would have thought the CN36 mounted on alloy wheels would not use a tube.

What's your take on this?



Dougal at Goodwood Revival

Glad to hear it. That must feel great. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I raced at the Goodwood Revival this weekend, and I have to tell you, I was a long way off winning anything.

Do you have any pictures you would be happy for us to use on our web site or adverts?

Alfa Romeo did not fit 185/70R14 tyres on these cars because they drove better on 165R14. I would fit 165HR14 Cinturato CA67. This is something that has been discussed at length on a variety of forums.

Ok they may have fitted them on their last model which was widely accepted as not as much fun to drive as their earlier cars. You don't hear people raving about the fab handling of the series 4 Spider.

You do have 6" wheels and, without doubt if you are going to fit a larger tyre than standard to a car like yours a 185/70VR14 CN36 will handle much better than any tyre in the size, particularly a modern tyre.

If you are going to fit the 6" rim then 185/70R14 is a more suitable tyre for the rim. The only road tyres I would consider would be the CN36 Pirelli or the Michelin XAS. They will look right, but more importantly they will maintain a carcass that will suit your chassis design.

However I think when considering things like this it is worth acknowledging that back in 1979 70% profile tyres had been available for 11 years. Alfa knew about these low profile tyres, they fitted them to the Montreal but they did not fit them to their Spider or any of their other rear wheel drive sports cars. We took my Aunties Spider off 185/70R14 tyres and fitted 165R14 XAS (before I had not managed to get Pirelli to make the Cinturato at that time) and the car was miles nicer to drive.

Alfa Spider Inner tubes

All the tyres we have discussed here are tubeless tyres, so they can be fitted without an inner tube on a suitable wheel (except the 165HR14 XAS that is a tube type tyre and must be fitted with an inner tube regardless of the rim)

If your wheel has a safety rib inboard of where the bead of the tyre sits on your rim, then you have a tubeless wheel, and yes they can be run tubeless assuming of course you are considering using a tubeless tyre.

Have a look at the short film I made on here Classic Inner Tubes hopefully it should clarify everything.