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1963 Riley 1.5

1963 Riley 1.5

Riley 1.5 Tyres

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History of the Riley 1.5

Built between 1957-1965, the Riley One-Point-Five and the Wolseley 1500 were cars were based on the Morris Minor with the larger 1489 cc engine and gearbox from an MG Magnette. The main differences between the Riley and Wolseley was that the Wolseley only had one SU H4 Carburettor and used smaller Lockheed brakes.

Riley 1500 FAQ

Q: What are the best tyres for a Riley 1.5 litre?

A: In the original 5.20-14 crossply size the 5.00/5.20 x 14 Waymaster Premium can be fitted. 145R14 is the radial alternative to a 5.20-14 classic crossply tyre. Pirelli make a 145R14 Cinturato CA67 which is a period radial tyre that is perfectly suited to a Riley 1500.

Q: What wheels do Riley 1500 fit?

A: The Morris Minor wheel is the same as the Riley 1500 and Wolseley 1500 for that matter.

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