Morris Minor Wheel & Tyre

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Morris Minor Wheel & Tyre
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Set of 4 off Morris 1000 wheels and tyres - SAVE 4%
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Set of 5 off Morris Traveller Wheels and Tyres - SAVE 6%
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135-145 14" Offset Valve Inner Tube
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The Morris Minor wheel and tyres are offered as a special offer in sets:

Set of 4 off Morris Minor wheels fitted with 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato tyres.

Set of 5 off Morris Minor wheels fitted with 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato tyres.

Morris Minor Wheel

Morris Minor Wheels

Original Morris Minor Wheel fitted with a 145HR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO.

Fitted and balanced by people who understand classic cars. This wheel and tyre is suited to Morris Minor, Morris 1000, Morris Traveller, Morris Minor 8cwt Van and pick up. It can also be fitted to the Wolseley 1500.

The Morris Minor van and pick up came fitted with 4/5”X14” wheels painted old English White. These original wheels came fitted with The 5.20-14 Dunlop D75, which sadly is no longer produced by Dunlop. The original, thinner standard car wheels do not have a built safety bead, so they would need to be fitted with an inner tube.

Morris Minor tyres

British classic cars of the 1940s, 50s and 1960s like the Morris Minor came fitted with crossply tyres. Today with all the modern dual carriageways and motorways, the tendency to fit a radial tyre to your classic gives them better directional stability and helps them cope with modern traffic better. The radial equivalent to a 520-14 crossply tyre is 145R14. 155R14 is too wide and is the equivalent of a 560-14. There is no benefit to adding extra load to the steering of the Minor that the 155R14 tyre will add. This picture below demonstrates the overly wide tread of a modern 155R14 tyre and there is very little if any benefit in height.

Morris Minor Tyres
Which tyres would you like on your Morris Minor wheels?
There is a reason the one on the left is next to the wheelie bin.

Morris Minor Tyre Comparison

Pirelli have within their range of classic tyres the perfect Morris Minor tyre, the 145HR14 Pirelli Cinturato. Developed in 1952 the Pirelli Cinturato became the tyre of choice through out the ‘60s and 1970s. Fitting any 145R14 will not make your steering overly heavy as would a keep you gearing and speedo correct. Fitting the Pirelli Cinturato 145R14 will also give you a period look but more importantly it is tall for a 145R14 keeping the wheel arches full, It has a classic tyre carcass design, so your MM will handle at its best. Designed to suit your chassis compared to a modern tyre which is designed to complement modern chassis design. A large advantage with the Cinturato on Mogey Minor wheels is that the tyre is developed with the knowledge that they will be fitted to relatively thin wheels.

Morris Minor Inner Tubes

In our experience dealing with classic car wheels and tyres we consider Michelin inner tubes to be the best. The Standard Morris 1000 and Morris Traveller wheels are 3” pressed steel wheels were developed before the introduction of tubeless tyre and wheel combination, and because the rim is too thin to fit a safety bead, the standard 3” Morris Traveller and 1000 wheels should be fitted with an inner tube. If you are going to use a standard Morris 1000 thin wheel we recommend fitting Michelin 14CG inner tubes.

However this wheel and tyre special offer we have here is using the wider 4.5” wide Morris 1000 Van and Pick up wheels which are fitted wit a safety bead, these more advanced wheels are ideally suited to tubeless tyres. Worth noting that the 145HR14 Pirelli Cinturato CA67 can be fitted either with or without an inner tube to your Morris Minor wheels.

The Morris Minor wheel and tyre combination here comes fitted and balanced by Longstone Classic Tyres, with our classic valve caps, with built in valve spanner. Worth noting that the balancing service we offer is done by people who have an understanding of classic cars. But worth noting these do not need much balancing, because it is a new wheel with a top quality Pirelli Collezione tyre on it.

Morris Minor

What size are original Morris Minor wheels?

The standard Morris Minor wheels were the 3DX14. A 3D wheel are not suited to tyres bigger than 145R14 tyre. We offer an original Morris Minor van Wheel fitted with a 145R14 Pirelli Cinturato, the perfect classic tyre for any Morris Minor. The van wheel is slightly wider and allows us to fit the tyres tubeless.

Does a Morris Minor need inner tubes?

Yes. The standard Morris Minor wheels do not have the safety rib of a tubeless wheel. The thin standard MM wheel is also not suited to a tyre wider than 145R14. However the Van and Pick up Morris 1000 wheels are 4.5” wide and the modern reproduction wheels are fitted with a safety rib and can be used tubeless. Beware of budget inner tubes. There is a big difference between a quality tyre fitted with a proper Michelin inner tube and fitted and balanced by people that understand classic cars.

Can you fit 155 R 14 tyres on a Morris Minor Wheel?

Not on the standard original wheels. The minimum recommended rim size for a 155R14 tyre is 4” wide. The original Morris Minor wheels were 3D-14”, and suited to 520-14 crossply tyres or 145R14 tyres. In that the 145R14 Pirelli is a genuine period tyre it is built with fitment to thin rims such as the original Morris 100 wheels in mind. The wheel we offer in this wheel and tyre set up is a 4.5” wheel that would allow the fitment of a 155R14 tyre. However a Morris Minor 1000, Traveler, Van or Pick up are better suited to a 145 tyre than a 155. A 155 section is too wide.

The Overall Diameter of the 145HR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ Tyre is 590 mm and the width is 145 mm. For more information on the 145 HR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ please see below or call +44 (0) 1302 711 123.

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More Information
BRAND Pirelli
TYPE Radial
ACTUAL WIDTH 151 mm / 5.94"
RIM DIAMETER 14" / 355 mm
LOAD INDEX 84 = 500 kgs
SPEED RATING H = 130 mph / 210 km/h
WHITEWALL Can be applied please call +44 (0) 1302 711123 for your requirements
Whitewall Width N/A
ALTERNATIVE SIZE DESCRIPTION 145 HR 14 , 145HR14 , 145/80-14 , 145/80 -14 , 145/80 - 14 , 145 80 - 14 , 14580-14 , 14580 -14 , 14580 - 14 , 145/80H14 , 145/80 H14 , 145/80 H 14 , 145 80 H 14 , 14580H14 , 14580 H14 , 145 80 H 14 , 145/80HR14 , 145/80 HR14 , 145/80 HR 14 , 145 80 HR 14 , 14580HR14 , 145 80 HR14 , 145 80 HR 14 , 145/80R14 , 145/80 R14 , 145/80 R 14 , 145 80 R 14 , 14580R14 , 145 80 R14 , 145 80 R 14 , 145/80X14 , 145/80 X14 , 145/80 X 14 , 145 80 X 14 , 14580X14 , 145 80 X14 , 145 80 X 14 , 145/80 14 , 145/80 14 , 145/80 14 , 145 80 14 , 145 80 14 , 145 14 , 145 14 , 145/80*14 , 145/80 *14 , 145/80 * 14 , 145 80 * 14 , 145/80*14 , 14580 *14 , 14580 * 14
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