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Ford Popular 1953–1962

Ford Pop 103E Tyres

Ford Pop 103E

Ford Pop 103E

  • The 103E Ford Pop had 17” wheels with 450 - 17 Tyres.
  • We suggest fitting 4.50 x 17 Avon Tourist to a Ford Pop 103 E.
  • For a Ford Popular 103 E we suggest 16E Michelin innertubes.
  • Ford Pop 103E Tyre pressure – we would suggest 30psi front and rear.
Ford Popular 100E

Ford Popular 100E

The New Ford Pop 100E

  • The New Ford Pop 100E fitted 520 - 13 crossply tyres.
  • The radial alternative to 5.20-13 is 145-13.
  • Currently the best tyre for a 100E Ford New Popular is 145HR13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • We suggest fitting Michelin 13CG innertubes in the 145HR13 Ford Pop wheels on a 100 E.
  • Sometimes owners opt for the wider 155 R13 Tires either due to limited availability of 145R13 tires or a desire for a more substantial tire footprint. If you're thinking of the 155R13 size, the 155R13 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 is an excellent choice.
  • The optimal 155R13 innertube is the Michelin 13D.
  • Ford Popular 100E tyre pressures – 25psi front & rear.

Throughout its production the Popular was released on tube-type wheels that require innertubes. Innertubes must be fitted to this car providing the wheels are original equipment.

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Ford Pop Tyres

The original Ford Pop; the Popular 103E came fitted with 4.50X17 crossply tyres. The Avon tourist is, we would suggest the best tyre for these early post-war Ford Pops. The Avon Tourist is a genuine period tyre so as well as being a quality tyre it also looks right on a 1950s classic car.

The New Ford Popular; the 100E Ford Pop fitted much smaller 13” wheels with a 5.20-13 cross-ply tyre. There isn’t currently a proper period tyre by a top manufacturer anymore since Dunlop stopped making classic road tyres. However Pirelli does make a 145HR13 Cinturato CA67 which was a perfect radial upgrade from the period and we would suggest they will work well with this little 100E Ford Pop today, as they would have been popular back in period.

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