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Ferrari 348 Tyres

  • The first Ferrari 348tb and 348ts from 1987 to 1993 fitted 215/50R17 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico on the front and 255/45R17 P-Zero Assimetrico on the rear.
  • Suggested tyre pressures for the Ferrari 348ts tyres and the 348tb tyres would be 35psi in the front and 38psi rear.
  • The Ferrari 348GTB and 348 GTS also fitted the same Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico tyres, and maintained the same tyre pressures as the earlier Ferrari 348.
  • The Ferrari 348 Spider tyres were the same Pirelli fitment as the earlier models with slightly lower 34psi rear tyre pressure.
  • Some Ferrari 348 were fitted with 17” Bridgestone RE 71.
  • Often people like to change the wheels of their 348 to fit the 18” Ferrari 355 wheels with 225/40R18 Pirelli P-Zero Direzionale front and 265/40R18 Pirelli P-Zero Rear.
Ferrari 348 Tyre Pressures

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    Ferrari 348 Recommended Tyres

  1. 215/50R17 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico
    215/50R17 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico

    Starting at £346.80 £289.00

  2. 255/45R17 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico
    255/45R17 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico

    Starting at £466.80 £389.00

  3. 225/40R18 Pirelli P-Zero Direzionale
    225/40R18 Pirelli P-Zero Direzionale

    Starting at £322.80 £269.00

  4. 265/40R18 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico
    265/40R18 Pirelli P-Zero Assimetrico

    Starting at £426.00 £355.00

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