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DKW Junior 1959–1965

1962 DKW Junior Deluxe Tyres

1962 DKW Junior Deluxe

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History of the DKW Junior

DKW Junior Tyres

DKW Junior

The DKW Junior was a small front-wheel-drive saloon manufactured by Auto-Union. The car was known for its continued use of the 2-Stroke engine, something uncommon at the time as 4-stroke engines were now becoming the industry standard, meaning 2 stroke engines were gaining a lesser reputation, regarded as rougher and noisier than the new 4 strokes. Despite the out of fashion inner workings, the bodywork was very modern, featuring a three-box, ponton design, with tail fins on the rear.

The Junior was met with a positive reaction, positioned as slightly cheaper than the Auto-Union 1000 and fitted with certain features designed to give it a bigger impression on consumers over the Volkswagen Beetle, namely heaters, more cabin space and more luggage space.

The production of the Junior ended with Volkswagen's acquisition of Auto-Union from Daimler-Benz and the subsequent termination of all 2-stroke DKW cars as these cars were struggling to compete against Volkswagen and Opel's 4-stroke models.

DKW Junior  DeLuxe

DKW Junior DeLuxe

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