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1952 DKW Meisterklasse F89 684cc

1952 DKW Meisterklasse F89 684cc

DKW F89 Meisterklasse 1950–1954

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History of the DKW F89 Meisterklasse

DKW F89 Schnellaster Classic Tyres

The F89 Meisterklasse shared much of its design with the FKW F8 Meisterklasse, which was produced between 1939 - 1942, but the F89 was constructed with a steel body based on the DKW F9, a prototype which would have been the successor to the F8 before the Second World War disrupted production. Most of DKW's tools were subsequently sent off to the Soviet Union upon their occupation of East Germany and the Zwickau plant belonging to the Auto - Union.

The F89 was produced in 1950 using the prewar DKW F9 body design with adaptations made to improve streamlining and wind resistance. Two other body designs were made, a two-seater coupe, and a three-door estate version, utilising a body conversion that used timber in its construction akin to a Morris traveller albeit with more wooden panelling in place of sheet metal.

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