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DKW Sonderklasse 3=6

DKW Sonderklasse 3=6

DKW 3=6 1953–1959

  • The all of the DKW 3=6 models including the DKW Monza fitted 5.60 - 15 crossply tyres throughout its production.
  • The tyre we recommend in the size 5.60 - 15 is the 5.60 x 15 Firestone.
  • Alternatively, you may fit a radial tyre to this car, the radial alternative to 5.60 - 15 tyres is 155 - 15 Tyres. The tyre we recommend in this size is the 155 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67.
  • The Michelin 15E is the best innertube for both of these sizes of tyre.

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History of the DKW 3=6

1955-1959 DKW 3=6 Universal Type F94

1955-1959 DKW 3=6 Universal Type F94

Amid the '60s the Volkswagen Beetle was still a power player in the automobile market of both Germany and Europe and DKW sought to deepen its influence within the affordable vehicle market that Citroen and Volkswagen had a stronghold on. This was not DKW's first attempt in the market as the 3=6 was a direct successor to the DKW F89.

The DKW 3=6 had a few advantages over the Beetle, the biggest being interior space, especially in the 4 door models which featured a large extension to the wheelbase. The 3=6 was originally bodied as a 2-door saloon, but, later versions brought out a pillarless coupe version, first seen in 1953 and a Karmann-designed cabriolet model.

The 3=6 performed very well across Europe in touring car racing and rallying in 1954 and 1955. The success of the 3=6 led to the development of a sporty-bodied variant, named the DKW Monza after the famous Italian race track. In December 1956, the DKW Monza set 5 international records at the Monza Circuit, this feat was largely aided by the Monza's glass-fibre reinforced polyester body, designed to greatly reduce air resistance.

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