Citroen Birotor

For Citroen Birotor tyres a set of 165HR14 Michelin XAS is recommended by Longstone Tyres.

Recommended Citroen Birotor Tyres

Optional Citroen Birotor Tyres

History of the Citroen Birotor

Built only in 1974 the Citroen Birotor, also called Citroën GZ, was sadly a large mistake for the company. Made by taking a Wankel engine and inserting it into a GS to make a fast and easy to drive saloon, the car ended up being very pricey (even more than a Citroen DS) as well as thirsty in the midst of the 1970's Oil Crisis. After Citroen's takeover by Peugeot the company tried to buy back all 847 cars, leaving only a few surviving to this day.