Bugatti Type 40 Tyres

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1929 Bugatti Type 40 Tyres

1929 Bugatti Type 40 Coupe

Bugatti Type 40 1926–1930

  • Longstone's recommended Bugatti Type 40 tyre for road use is the 4.00/4.50 x 19 Michelin D.R.
  • This tyre is best fitted with a set of 400/450-19 Michelin Kleber innertubes because a Type 40 has wire wheels with off-set valve holes.
  • Our very own 4.00/4.50 x 19 Longstone is a great alternative.
  • The Michelin tyre offers a more comfortable ride, but the Longstone, being lighter, offers lighter steering and easier handling in general, as well as being kinder to the wallet.
  • If you're racing the Type 40, then a set of 4.50x19 3-Stud Ensign Racing tyres are the best option available for this race-winning sports car.
Bugatti Roadster Type 40A 1929 in the musee national de l'Automobile

Bugatti Roadster Type 40A 1929 in the musee national de l'Automobile

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    Bugatti Type 40 Recommended Tyres

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Bugatti Type 40 Vintage Tyres

Bugatti Type 40 Coupe

History of the Bugatti Type 40

The Type 30 was the first of the Bugatti 8-cylinder family, introduced in 1922. The 1926 Type 38, as well as the Type 40, Type 43, Type 44, and Type 49, shared the same general design. The Type 40, like the early Brescia models it replaced, boasted excellent performance, with great handling and braking for a car of its day.

The Type 40, which debuted in 1926, was manufactured until 1930 and was powered by a three-valve 1.5 L engine that had previously been used in some Type 37s. It was either an enclosed tourer or a compact roadster (like the Type 40A). A total of 830 were constructed. The Type 40A utilised the same block as the Type 40 and had a displacement of 1.6 L. The Type 40As were all built in 1930.

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