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Bristol 409

Bristol 409

Bristol 409 1965–1967

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24 Items

History of the Bristol 409

Built between 1965-1967 the Bristol 409 was the continuation of Bristol's V8 Chrysler engine line of cars. When compared to preceding Bristols, the 409's chassis saw a number of significant alterations. The springs were substantially softer than on the 408 or 407, resulting in a much smoother ride. Following in the footsteps of Chrysler in the early 1960s, Bristol installed an alternating current alternator in place of the usual direct current dynamo, which proved problematic to run at high engine speeds. Bristol upgraded the safety lever to prevent anyone from mistakenly shifting the automatic gearbox into gear, a modified differential with a higher ratio was also fitted. The engine was also modified, retaining at 5,211cc but with slightly enhanced power and torque. The 409 was the first Bristol to be equipped with power steering, which was first available as an optional extra but became standard in June 1967.

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