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Austin Maxi 1750 HL Astral Blue

Austin Maxi 1750 HL Astral Blue

Austin Maxi 1750 HL Tyres

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History of the Austin Maxi 1750 HL

For a more comprehensive history of the Maxi see our pages on the Austin Maxi and the Austin Maxi 1500-1750.

1972 saw the introduction of the Austin Maxi 1750 HL, with a twin SU HS6 carburettor version of the 1748 cc engine, which gave a higher output of 91 bhp at 5250 rpm.

Some notable new features on the Maxi 1750 HL include...

  • Black grille with chrome upper and lower strips, with a red "HL" motif fitted
  • Black rimmed hub caps,
  • Red chequered front badge,
  • Faux wooden gear knob
  • 3 spoke-alloy steering wheel with leather-bound rim
  • Vanity mirror on the passenger sun visor
  • Brushed nylon upholstery
  • Padded vinyl dashboard, dipping rearview mirror
  • Front door pockets
  • Electric windscreen washers

Independent Tyre Test - The Results

In the world of modern tyres it is commonplace to come across a tyre test. Sadly, in the world of classic tyres, the investment never seems to be there to do a proper modern tyre test. However, a German magazine in July 2016 conducted this modern tyre test using classic tyres. This classic tyre test has been translated from German to English. What is remarkable in this tyre test is quite how well the PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 classic tyre performed in the table at the end. The scores in this table are not scored in relation to the other tyres in the test, so when a score of 1 is recorded, then that is a perfect score for a classic tyre or a modern tyre. It is wonderful to see that these classic PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CN36 tyres can give such exemplary results.

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