Audi 100


Longstone Tyres recommends the 165HR14 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ for the classic Audi 100. It will deliver great handling and add aesthetic value to your classic Audi.

For the Audi 100 as a special offer we have sets of 4 or 5 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ tyres which include new Michelin Tubes. There wouldn't be a better tyre to suit an Audi 100. The PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ is a period tyre that was around between 1952 and the early 1980 and was produced very much with the view to improving the handling of cars like the 100 Audi.

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    Recommended Audi 100 Tyres

  1. Michelin 14D Offset Valve Tube
    Michelin 14D Offset Valve Tube

    Starting at £14.40 £12.00

  2. Other Options for Audi 100

  3. 185/70 VR 14 Michelin XAS
    185/70 R 14 Michelin XAS

    Starting at £154.80 £129.00

  4. 165HR14 Michelin XAS
    165 HR 14 Michelin XAS

    Starting at £148.80 £124.00

  5. 185/70HR14 Avon CR6ZZ
    185/70 HR 14 Avon CR6ZZ

    Starting at £261.60 £218.00

  6. 165TR14 Barum
    165 TR 14 Barum

    Starting at £73.20 £61.00

  7. 165X14 Vredestein Classic
    165 X 14 Vredestein Classic

    Starting at £166.80 £139.00

13 Items

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Classic Audi 100

Known by codename 'C1' the Audi 100 was built in secret by former Mercedes engineer Ludwig Kraus, who remained with Auto Union post 1965 when the company was bought out by Volkswagen. This large saloon brought Audi into the fast-growing executive market during an affluent European boom. Volkwagen were pleased with the development of the new Audi 100 prototype which then went on to become a successful model.

In 1969 the Audi 100 Coupé was developed. This front-wheel drive car had lines reminiscent of the Aston Martin DBS and was mechanically the same as the 100 saloon but available with an upgraded twin-carburettor 115bhp version of the 1,871cc engine along with an upgraded interior.

Post 1976 Audi 100s run on 185/70HR14 tyres

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