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Allard J2X Catalogue

Allard J2X Catalogue

Allard J2 1950–1952

  • The original equipment on an Allard J2 was a crossply 600 - 16 Tyres, of which there is a variety of tyres in this size to suit your need, we recommend the 6.00-16 PIRELLI STELLA BIANCA as the best tyre in this size, providing great directional stability and the highest speed rating available in a crossply tyre.
  • 185-16 is the radial alternative to 6.00 - 16, the best tyre for road use in the size 185 - 16 would be a 185 VR 16 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 for excellent performance and light steering whilst still retaining that period look.
  • However a 6.00 R 16 Michelin Pilote X would allow the best performance, being a high-speed performance tyre with classic Englebert-esque styling, the Michelin would suit the sophisticated suspension and accentuate the excellent handling of the Allard J2 and Allard J2X.
  • The J2 fitted innertubes and tube-type wheels as OE. For these tyres you can fit the Michelin 16F innertube.

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History of the Allard J2 & J2X

The Allard J2 and J2X were the most renowned Allard racers, manufactured between 1950 and 1951 with just 90 Allard J2s and 83 Allard J2Xs built, and had extremely successful racing careers. The J2X used a novel construction approach that utilised small chassis tubes and parallel side members that were joined together to form the chassis frame.

Allard J2X

Allard J2X

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