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Wards Riverside Classic Tyres

  • Wards Riverside was the clincher tyre brand of the US Montgomery Wards department and mail-order business that supplied America with virtually everything throughout the vintage period.
  • In the period of the Model T Ford the Wards Riverside clincher tyres were the most easily accessible tyres for country folk to buy via mail order in the US.

Clincher Tyres

  • As a result it is speculated that the clincher tyre 30-3½ Wards Riverside was the most popular tyre in the world throughout the 1920s and 1930s.
  • For the early Model T Ford we suggest the 30-3 Wards Riverside on the front and 30 – 3½ Wards Riverside on the rear at 60psi.
  • From 1918 Model T Fords fitted 30X3½ clincher tyres on the front and the back.
  • 30 - 3½ clincher tyres can not be fitted onto a 30 – 3 wheel, and vice versa.
  • Like all clincher tyres, these Wards Riverside tyres should be inflated to a minimum of 60psi on a Model T.
  • In the UK clincher tyres are called Beaded Edge tyres.
  • For more information on Clincher tyres, please see our Beaded Edge / Clincher tyre guide.

7 Items

7 Items

Wards Riverside Beaded Edge Tyres

Click to View Tyre Rim: Min - Max (") TT/TL Diameter (mm) Section Width (mm)
30x3 Wards Riverside N/A TT (Tube Type) 787 mm 98 mm
30x3 1/2 Wards Riverside N/A TT (Tube Type) 790 mm 98 mm

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