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235/60 R15 Pirelli P600

235/60 R15

  • The 235/60 WR 15 Pirelli P600 was original equipment on later Jaguar XJS.
  • Jaguar XJS fitted 235/60 R15 tyres from 1987 into the 1990s.
  • 235/60 R15 can also be described as: 235/60 x 15, 235/60 R 15 or 235/60 / 15.
  • You should not fit an inner tube with a 235/60 R15 tyre.
  • We would suggest that the Pirelli P600 is the best Sports car tyre in the size 235/60 R15.
  • BF Goodrich Radial T/A also make a 235/60 – 15 with raised white letters, but this tyre only has an S speed rating.

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    Classic 235/60 R15 Tyres

4 Items

235/60 R15 FAQ

Q: What is the cheapest 235/60 R15 tyre?

A: The Pirelli 235/60 R15 P600 was OE on Jaguar XJS and is great value. ( Pirelli P5 was OE on earlier XJS)

Q: What is the best 235/60 R15 tyre?

A: we would suggest that the Pirelli P600 is a top quality tyre, and was OE on Jaguars later XJS.

Q: Does anyone make a V rated 235/60 R15 tyre?

A: back in the 1980s and 1990s the Pirelli 235/60 R15 P600 was V speed rated. This same tyre now qualifies for a W speed rating so the original 235/60VR15 P600 is now called 235/60WR15 P600.

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