205 R14 Tyres

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205 R14 Tyres

205 R14

  • 205 R14 tyres are full 80% profile tyres. They could be called 205/80 R14. A 205 R14 tyre is considerably taller than a 205/70 R14.
  • It is worth noting there is a big difference between a 205 R14 and a 205/70 R14 (see this picture 205 VR 14 XWX and 205/70 VR 14 XWX).
  • The 205VR14 Michelin XWX is a tall, unusual size (W rated) high performance tyre.
  • The XWX is the only tyre we would recommend fitting to a classic car in the size 205-14.
  • 205 R14 tyres were fitted to Jaguar 420G, MK10, Ferrari 275 GTB & Ferrari 330 GTC.

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    Classic 205 R14 Tyres

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11 Items

205/80 R14 Tyres

The Best 205/70 R14 Tyres

As far as a high quality classic car tyre in the size 205/70 R14 goes today we are spoiled for choice. We have fantastic products from Michelin and Pirelli. Both the Michelin 205/70 R14 Michelin XWX and the Pirelli 205/70 R14 Cinturato CN36 have done their best to maintain the same design on the tread pattern as they did back in period, hence the Pirelli being called a 205/70 R14 and the Michelin being called a 205/70 R14, and of course the maintain the same tread pattern. It is also worth noting that they do actually now currently qualify for a WR speed rating of 170 mph, which wasn’t around in the late ‘60s 1970s and 1980s.

Bot the Michelin XWX and Pirelli Cinturato CN36 version of a 205/70 R14 tyre are high quality period tyres, so yes they do look period perfect, but more importantly for the driver of a classic sports car, they have a carcass that is designed to compliment the chassis of these historic vehicles. When choosing between the two, with them both being such good tyres it is tricky. A Ferrari Dino 246 for instance however did fit a Michelin XWX and the look on this car just fits, However the CN36 was what Fiat fitted to it’s version of the Dino, so that just works too. However when choosing a 205/70 R14 tyre for a classic Merc it isn’t so simple because they could have fitted either. The good news is they are both great tyres.

Cheapest 205/70 R14 Tyres

The cars that fit a 205/70 R14 tyre should not be spoiled by fitting a cheap tyre in this size. Yes there are cheap alternative 205/70 R14 tyres, but I think sometimes it is worth taking a step back and considering what you are prepared to save money on. We don’t believe tyres is is the right thing to scrimp on.

205 R14 Tyres
205 R14 XWX

205 R14 FAQ

What is the best 205 R14 tyre?

The Michelin 205 R14 XWX is really the only tyre we would consider fitting to the cars that need a 205 R14 tyre. Worth noting that because of the high speed rating of the Michelin XWX it also qualifies to be called 205 R14.

What is the cheapest 205 R14 tyre?

There isn’t a cheap tyre in the size 205 R14. It is an unusual tyre size that is only fitted to special cars that really need the quality of the Michelin 205 R14 Michelin XWX.

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