Michelin 18" C RET Central Valve Inner Tube

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Michelin 18" C RET Central Valve Inner Tube
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Rim Band for Wire Wheel 18" - 21"
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Michelin 18" C RET Central Valve Tube
This Michelin Innertube fits: Find tyres in this size: Budget Alternative – We strongly recommend Michelin innertubes
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12 x 45 Innertubes

In the mid 1920s Michelin developed the 45cm wheel to fit among other sizes 12x45 tyres. Meaning a side wall height of 12cm on a 12cm wide tyre, to be fitted onto a 45cm rim. Currently we would suggest the best tyre in this size is the 12 x 45 Michelin DR or Double Rivet.

Crossply tyre such as a 12X45 do need an innertube. The Bibendum 45cm wheels made by Michelin in period also hold a central valve which the Michelin 18C RET innertube has. The 18C TRET Innertube also comes with a 90-degree valve stem which makes them perfectly suited to the disc wheels they were often fitted to on cars like a Peugeot 172, mid 1920s Amilcar and Mathis.

13 X 45 Innertubes with a Central Valve

Many late 1920s and early 1930s Citroen cars such as the Citroen C4 & B19. Amilcar N, Delahaye 126 and Peugeot 177 and 301 fitted 13 X 45 tyres. Again, we would recommend the Michelin 13X45 Double Rivet as the tyre of choice. These cars also came with central valve stem and the disc wheels also determined the need for the 90-degree valve stem that comes with the 18C RET reinforced Michelin innertube.

14 X 45, 15 X 45 and 16 X 45 Innertubes

Michelin also make a 14 X 45 Double Rivet that fitted larger cars like the Citroen C6 and Delahaye 123, which can be serviced by the reinforced central valve 18 C RET Michelin innertube as can the 15/16 x 45 Michelin DR.

More Information
BRAND Michelin Tube
Weight of innertube 1.6 Kgs
Valve exits wheel rim Central + single bend valve extension
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