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1929 Citroen C4 Torpedo

1929 Citroen C4 Torpedo on Michelin DR Tyres

Citroen C4 1928–1932

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    Citroen C4 Recommended Tyres

4 Items

History of the Citroën C4 and C6

Citroen C4 and C6 cars were created to replace the Citroen Type A 10 horsepower and Citroen Type B model families. The style of the two vehicles was thought to be greatly influenced by their American equivalents from the same time period, but in France, the new model was just that: new. The traditional grill styles of previous Citroen models were dropped in favour of a sleeker, flatter grille. There were several body shapes to choose from, including a particularly successful commercial line.

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