P4000 Pirelli Tyres

Jaguar on Pirelli P4000 Tyres

Pirelli P4000 Tyres

  • Pirelli no longer makes their P4000 tyres; they were last made in 2011.
  • We would suggest that if you have Pirelli P4000 tyres on your car, it is time to change them, as they are now old tyres.
  • The Pirelli P4000 was often fitted to Jaguar XJ6, XJ12 & XJS.
  • There is now a fresh production of the Pirelli P5 tyres that are J homologated for Jaguar luxury cars.

What is the best tyre for a 1986 XJ6 Jaguar Sovereign?

Because of Jaguar's relationship with Pirelli, they were able to get involved in asking for a special tyre, specifically for its luxury cars. Pirelli in conjunction, developed the Pirelli P5. Jaguar has again asked Pirelli to produce the P5, and it is homologated with the ‘J’ for Jaguar.

Many of these XJ6, XJ12 and XJS cars are fitted with the 205/70ZR15 Pirelli P4000 or 215/70ZR15 P4000 tyres that are no longer manufactured. The last production of P4000 tyres was back in 2011, so in these circumstances, we should strongly recommend the Pirelli P5 that is actually tested and homologated by Jaguar themselves.

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