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Michelin PB20 Tyres

  • The PB20 is the small, full-wet treaded tyre from Michelin's TB Tarmac Rally tyre range for classic cars.
  • The Michelin PB20 classic tarmac rally tyre is E-marked and fully road-legal.
  • The Michelin TB range also includes the TB15 intermediate and TB5 semi-slick. They are also road legal

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2 Items


18/60-15 Michelin TB20

Michelin has just started to reintroduce a limited range of their PB20 wet rally tyres. The PB20 tyres are in addition to their TB 15 (intermediate) and TB 5 F & R (semi-slick) tyres. It has been more than 20 years since the PB20 tyres were available. The new Michelin PB20 wet tyres are in stock at Longstone Tyres.

Michelin PB20 Wet Tyres

The Michelin PB20 range of classic rally tyres is an extraordinary extension of the TB range. It is excellent that Michelin supports classic rallying to the extent that they supply a wet PB20 tyre to compliment the range. Other tyres in the range are the Michelin TB15 fully treaded intermediate tarmac rally tyres and the Michelin TB5 Michelin TB5 semi-slick historic rally tyres, which come in two compounds: TB5F for the front and TB5R for the rear.

Q: Does Michelin make a wet classic rally tyre?

A: Yes. Michelin makes the TB5 range of semi-slick classic rally tyres. The TB15 is the fully treaded classic tarmac rally tyre, and to compliment the range, Michelin makes the full wet rally tyre the PB20.

Q: Can the PB20 be used on the public highway?

A: Yes. The Michelin PB20 is fully E-marked and road legal in Europe.

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