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Wolseley Tyres

  • For a Pre-1969 Wolseley 18/85 Longstone recommends fitting the 6.40/7.00 SR 13 Michelin ZX. With period looks but with a radial carcass, the Michelin ZX is the perfect option in its size.
  • For these tyres the Michelin 13F is an ideal innertube.
  • We suggest the 165 HR 14 PIRELLI CINTURATO CA67 for a Wolseley 18/85 (Post-1969) & Wolseley Six 2200.
  • For these tyres the Michelin 14D is the best fitting innertube.
  • Our period fitment guides contradict one another for the Wolesley Six, so for innertube requirements and tyre pressure information, see our Austin 1800 & 2200, Morris 1800 and Morris 2200 pages, as they are all essentially the same BMC ADO17 car by the British Motor Corporation but with different finishes.

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    Wolseley Six Recommended Tyres

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History of the Wolseley Six

Built between 1964 and 1975, the Wolseley 18/85 and subsequent Wolseley Six were part of the BMC ADO17 model line, with the Morris 1800, Morris 2200, and Austin 2200. It was created together by Alec Issigonis and Pininfarina, and it has hydrolastic suspension and inertia-controlled brake proportioning beneath the hood. The Wolseley Six, together with the Austin and Morris 2200, was debuted in 1972. The Wolseley superseded the 18/85 four-cylinder model, as opposed to the Austin/Morris vehicles, which remained alongside the previous 1800 versions.

The Wolseley Six utilised a six-cylinder variant of the existing E series 1500cc OHC engine, originally seen in the Austin Maxi, to produce 2227cc and 110 BHP with the use of dual SU carburettors. Available with either a four-speed manual or an automatic transmission. The majority of the additional alterations from the 18/85 were aesthetic in nature, such as seat materials and the removal of wood door covers. The model was produced until 1975 when it was superseded by the Wolseley 18-22 'Wedge.'

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