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Wolseley 1500 Tyres Explained

Wolseley 1500 Tyres

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    Wolseley 1500 Recommended Tyres

13 Items

Wolseley 1500 on CA67 tyres

History of the Wolseley 1500

The Wolseley 1500 and the closely related Riley One-Point-Five were automobiles based on the Morris Minor but with a bigger 1489 cc engine and transmission from an MG Magnette that were built between 1957 and 1965. The biggest distinction between the Riley and the Wolseley was that the Wolseley had just one SU H4 Carburettor and employed smaller Lockheed brakes.

The British publication The Motor tested a Wolseley 1500 in 1957. It was determined to have a top speed of 76.7 mph and an acceleration time of 24.8 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. Fuel consumption was calculated to be 36.6 miles per imperial gallon. The test car cost £758 plus taxes of £253. Riley and Wolseley manufacture ended in 1965, with 19,568 Rileys and 103,394 Wolseleys produced.

Q: Can you fit a Morris Minor Wheel on a Wolseley 1500?

A: Yes, Morris Minor wheels also fit the Wolseley 1500.

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