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Skoda Octavia Kombi

Skoda Octavia Kombi

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History of the Skoda Octavia

Built between 1959-1971, the Skoda Octavia was the replacement for the saloon and estate versions of the Skoda 440/445/450. The saloon version was produced until 1964, where it was replaced by the Skoda 1000 MB whilst the state version introduced in 1961 would remain in production until 1971.

The saloons weighed 1,270 kg and were equipped with 1089 cc engines generating 38.5 hp, then 50 hp, and 1221 cc engines delivering 44–53 hp. The somewhat heavier estate waggons, weighing 1,365 kg, were all delivered with 1.2-litre engines. The maximum speed ranged from 68 to 71 mph. The engine and transmission from a Skoda Octavia were utilised in the Trekka light utility vehicle, which was built in New Zealand from 1966 to 1973.

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