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Renault 20/30 Tyres

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    Renault R30 Recommended Tyres

  1. 165HR13 Michelin XAS FF
    165 HR 13 Michelin XAS FF

    Starting at $309.12 $257.60

  2. 175HR14 Michelin XAS
    175 HR 14 Michelin XAS

    Starting at $255.36 $212.80

  3. 190/65HR390 Michelin TRX
    190/65 HR 390 Michelin TRX

    Starting at $430.08 $358.40

3 Items

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History of the Renault 20/30

Built between 1975-1984, the Renault 20 & 30 were executive cars that were the most expensive cars Renault produced at the time, with the 30 being larger-engined and more costly of the two. Initially however the Renault 20 was seen as too underpowered for the weight of the car and the Renault 30 as too expensive for what was essentially the same car as the Renault 20. In response to this the R20TS was introduced, which had more power than the basic 20. In total 622,000 R20s and 145,000 R30s were built, with production ceased for them to both be replaced by the Renault 25.

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