Hillman Minx

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Hillman Minx Series 3

Hillman Minx Series 3

Hillman Minx Tyres

Longstone Tyres can happily provide excellent tyres for the whole Minx range including the Hillman Minx series (1955-1963), Hillman Minx IV, V, VI, Hillman Super Minx, Hillman Phase Minx & Aero Minx (pre-1955).The following list is what Longstone Tyres recommends fitting to your Minx:

  • "A" Phase Minx & Aero Minx (pre-1955) would be well suited to a 5.00/5.25 x 16 Avon Tourist.
  • The ideal innertube for this is the Michelin 16E.
  • 155 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67  or 155 TR 15 Michelin X  for an "A" Series Minx (1955-1963).
  • A Hillman Series Minx (1955-1963) would be well suited to 155 HR 15 PIRELLI CINTURATO ™ CA67  or a 155 TR 15 Michelin X.
  • For these tyres we suggest the Michelin 15E innertube.
  • These earlier models were released on tube-type wheels that require innertubes to function.
  • A Minx IV, V, VI originally fitted 6.00-13 crossply tyres which are no longer produced.
  • These later Hillman Minx would be better suited to a 165R13 Pirelli Cinturato CN36 tubeless tyres.
  • Though tubes are unnecessary on a later Hillman Minx, a Michelin 13D works if needed.

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    Hillman Minx Recommended Tyres

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History of the Hillman Minx

First launched at the Olympia Motor Show in 1931, the Minx was a series of cars produced by Rootes Group between 1932-1970. The early Minx post-1938 were made by Carbodies (the coach-building company that would later become The London Taxi Company making London Black Cabs).

From the mid-1950s until the mid-1960s, the Rootes "Audax" family of automobiles, which also included the Singer Gazelle and Sunbeam Rapier, was led by the Minx and its variants. The "New Minx," which debuted in 1967 as part of the "Arrow" family and was simply a simple version of the Hillman Hunter, was the Minx's final iteration. The Minx was offered in a four-door saloon and estate body styles, with a 1496-cc engine.

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