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Ford Escort RS Cosworth Tyres

Ford Escort RS Cosworth Rallying

Ford Escort RS Cosworth 1992-1996

  • In 1992 the Ford Escort RS Cosworth fitted 225/45 R 16 Pirelli P700-Z post classic tyres and they continued to do so until 1996.
  • Pirelli have re-made the P700-Z, these are period tyres that were also fitted to BMW M3 and Z1.
  • The P700-Z tyres offer precision high-speed sports handling, exceptional braking, particularly in the wet, and excellent aquaplaning resistance on straights and corners. Perfect for the RS Cosworth Escort.
  • The suggested normal inflation pressures are 32 on the front, and 35 on the rear on the Escort Cossie.
  • Ford's recommended wheel nut torque is 74 ft/lb for the Escort RS Cosworth.
  • If you are looking for other Ford Escort fitments, please take a look at our Ford Escort tyre page to find your Escort model and your perfect fitment for it.
  • Follow the link to view Pirelli's Ford Escort RS Cosworth tyre pressure and fitment guide.

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Ford Escort RS Cosworth Tyre Pressure & Fitment Guide

Ford Escort RS Cosworth Tyre Pressure Fitment Guide

History of the Ford Escort Cosworth

The Ford Escort RS Cosworth was designed as a homologation special of a fifth-generation Ford Escort that was designed to qualify and compete in the World Rally Championship, in which, it competed in from 1993 to '98.

To be able to install the larger Cosworth engine and transmission, the predecessor to the Escort Cosworth, the Sierra Cosworth's mechanicals and chassis were used, whilst the Gen 5 Escort's body panels were used to give it the Escort look, the roof and the front doors are the sole bodyshell parts that are interchangeable with the standard 5th generation Escort. The Cosworth's styling was designed in 1989, a year before the 5th generation Escort was even launched. The body tooling was created by the coachbuilders of Karmann at their facility in Rheine, Germany, which is also where the cars were manufactured.

There are two generations of Escort Cossies, the first generation featured the initial race-orientated specs, while the second was more road-vehicle orientated, fitting a Garrett T25 turbocharger in place of the 1st generation's T34 Turbocharger. The T25 reduced turbo lag and was more appropriate for everyday road use, however, the performance between generations is not incredibly different. The 2nd generation had three road variations, Motorsport/Roadsport, Standard, and Lux (Luxury). Most of the differences between these models were minor trim changes, however, the motorsport model lacked a lot of the commodities in normal road cars such as radios, central locking, and electric windows. The Standard and Lux could be fitted with optional extras upon order, such as a leather interior upgrade for example.

The Cosworth's performance in the WRC was brilliant, winning 8 events between 1993 and 1996 in Group A, and two WRC events in 1997-98 but sadly never won the World Rally Championship itself as the designers intended. Following 1998 it was replaced by the Ford Focus RS WRC. WRC aside the Cossie won many national rally titles across Europe. Nowadays they are seen at many historic rally events and festivals and it has achieved a historic status among both rallying and classic car fans alike.

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